Where Are Your Friends: BUHU’s “Youth Is Breaking” Music Video

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Growing up and merging into adulthood can take on a vast array of forms, which tends to reach a breaking point when we cling onto the last fraying threads of excess and self-indulgence for as long as we can rather than maturing and taking responsibility for our actions and their consequences. Austin, Texas’ art-rock band Buhu sifts through the haze and the bullshit with their new music video for “Youth is Breaking” off their 2016 album, Relationshapes. Their latest single poses complexities to each individual depicted in the video, not content with displaying to their audience a simple black and white presentation, but rather all the humane layers that comes with being a 20-something year old. “The poetry is bad, the characters are bad, the prose is worse but there is somehow an inherent truth”, states Jeremy Rogers.


Visionary director and editor Zachary Parks worked with a host of Austinites for the video shoot, asking each personality as a group and individually to show their wild and true colors before the filming process, helping to channel the chaos and intensely expressive close-ups on screen. “Youth is Breaking” was produced by Wayne Dalchau who also aided in providing flickering and somber lighting, scenery, and materials in a very DIY and low-budget fashion. What results is a disorientating and surreal depiction in the style of personal vignettes, a literal car wreck that seizes the opportunity for questioning the state of things rather than passive acceptance.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1KpUyakrg0[/embedyt]


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