What We’re Loving: Opening Ceremony x Magritte

Opening Ceremony will be memorializing the late artist, René Magritte, in their new line in May 2014. Iconic pieces such as Shéhérazade, The Lovers, and The King’s Museum will be available from head to toe. Opening Ceremony will be collaborating with Birkenstock, Vans, and Monolo Blahnik to make sure you’re walking the not-so-straight-and-narrow.


Magritte ‘s Son of Man and Shéhérazade are two of the most recognized surrealist pieces in the genre. The world of Magritte is nothing short of a loony bin’s paradise, from distorting reality to deconstructing faces. We can’t wait to throw sheets over our head and rock these looks. Pre-order now at:




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