What To Watch: Stranger Things

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By: Anthony Flores


When Stranger Things was first released, I was waiting impatiently like all of the other die-hard Winona Ryder fans in the world. Never being let down by any of her work meant that this show was going to be good. The anticipation only grew greater as I kept checking my iPhone to see if it was 12:00 AM on July 15th. Sitting alone in the darkness of my room was the only way to start this series and I planned on using an entire day to binge watch every bit of it. I had refused to watch the numerous amount of trailers that had been posted online in order to generate more excitement within me (and I did not really want anything to spoil the fun of being surprised).




The show is set in a small town in Indiana in 1983. The music and entire vibe of the the first scene reminded me of the film Super 8. However, this was not a show about aliens. This had deeper, darker story behind it. Something supernatural was about to take hold of this small town. The overall mystery begins when Will Byers, one of the main group of characters’ best friends, goes missing. Winona Ryder plays the role of Joyce Byers, mother of the missing son. At first, everyone seems to be skeptical about her clues regarding what happened to her son the night that he returned home from playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. Eerie noises, flashes, and deep growling were the only clues the episode gave away at first. The anticipation to know what it was that took Will drove me wild. But then again, that is just how the show was meant to be. Anxiety-driven fun, with a killer 80’s soundtrack to match, was all it took to keep me interested in what was going to happen next. Each episode resembled a “chapter” in this mystery, all titled with something significant about the selected episode without giving anything away. Heck, the title sequence did not even give you any sort of information regarding what the series was actually about!




As I continued to watch each episode, it was so hard to hit pause for breaks. I constantly wanted to see what would happen next and I wanted to piece together the puzzle as the characters did throughout their investigations. Now, I won’t give away the most important character in order to get everyone to watch it. But, I will tell you one thing: think of if John Carpenter, The Goonies, and supernatural creatures all had a baby; you’d get this show. The entire first season of Stranger Things is out now via Netflix.




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