What To Give Your Hipster Friends For Christmas

Having trouble coming up with gift ideas for your local hipster community? Well, I’m here to help. Here are some cliché, hipster-esque trends to inspire your gift giving this year:

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1. Cats: I don’t know why this is a thing, but I’m okay with it. Hipsters love cats. Laser cats, cat sweaters, cats with bowties, just all thing cats. Slap a cat on any old thing and they will absolutely love you to the moon and back.

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2. Yarn Bombing: Yarn bomb the crap out of those hipsters. For those of you not as well versed with the latest trends, yarn bombing is a new trend that has picked up in recent years. Walk around your local, friendly hipster neighborhood and see their light posts, mailboxes, trees, all covered in crocheted goodness. I’m just saying, they probably would welcome the colorful decorations around their home. And hey, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a yarn cover for your friend’s mailbox.

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3. Bill Cosby Sweaters: Hit up your neighborhood thrift store and find those splendidly huge, chunky, weird sweaters that hipsters love so much. Pastels, paisley patterns, dogs – it doesn’t matter! As long as they’re oversized and knitted, they’ll love ’em!

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4. Wes Anderson Films: Hipsters love Wes Anderson. Whether its Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or The Squid And The Whale, they’ll adore one of these wrapped in environmentally friendly wrapping paper. Maybe even throw in some natural, loose-leaf tea that they can enjoy while watching these movies (while wearing their knitted sweaters, of course).

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5. Film Cameras: Forget Instagram – the real hipster is all about life behind a camera lens. Polaroids, Holgas, Fisheyes – there’s a whole world of film cameras out there to explore, and I’m sure your hipster friend would jump at the chance to get to participate. The film for these cameras is relatively cheap and you can find some pretty good bargains on the actual cameras while you’re out thrifting. So keep your eye out for these cameras and give your hipster friend a gift they’ll never forget!



Don’t let your stylish, hipster friends intimidate you! Step up your gift giving game this holiday season with these ideas and dazzle them with your trendy know-how!

Gift on my friends!


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