What is a classy woman? She’s a woman that understands the world, who is intellectual, and can actually sustain a conversation about significant topics rather than carry on about her hair or other meaningless conversation. This is a woman who knows what she wants and is smart enough to get it. In the America that we know today we have made it sociable fashionable for woman to be as you say “air headed”. She doesn’t have to have an opinion and is just a show piece for us men to mount.

      A lot of us men like to find a prize that is easy to catch but is this the type of woman that we want to be associated with in the long run? Of course a one night stand or casual hook up is phenomenal and it makes for an interesting conversation with our buddies but is the hit it and quit it lifestyle a good one?

     Now, not all men adhere to this type of lifestyle but I guarantee that the desire to divide and conquer is there deep down if they haven’t gotten it out of their system.

     If you’re a guy who knows how to find the DTF girl, then you have a way of going about this and whether consciously or subconsciously you are aware of it, you do indeed have a routine that you run on these women. This tactic that guys have perfected of picking up the “easy catch” has really molded the way girls act in a social setting say a club, party, or whatever. When guys are in this type of setting, a lot of us are looking for the nights score and will only talk to girls that are all about “getting it in”.

     How could this affect the way women act in these settings? Well if a guy is walking around only talking to girls that he thinks he can pick up, that kind of leaves out the other girls that aren’t putting out that type of vibe. So what do those lonely girls do? They pull up their skirts, show some ass and open up their shirts.

     This trend has led us to where we are now. Where it’s all about the whole “GTL”, look slutty and act dumb scene for women, and it is now starting even earlier in life. If you go to a high school or middle school now and look around you can really see that girls have started becoming a lot more promiscuous at a younger age.  Of course social media, movies, and reality TV play its part in this and I can’t believe I’m saying it but girls you all need to clean the slutiness up. I think the chase is a whole lot more fun than the actual catch and you girls are really making it hard to enjoy the chase when you skip it entirely.

     You don’t have to dress or act like a slut for guys to talk to you and I think in a lot of ways it our fault as guys that women are becoming a lot more like that. And I know a lot of guys are like, “come on bro it’s awesome that their ass is showing and that they are acting super sloppy.”

     Yes it is awesome to see some ass every once in a while but come on let’s get back to our gentlemen ways and try to lay some smooth talk on a girl and actually enjoy the chase.

     Thankfully there are girls that hold on to that classiness and somewhat mysterious way, where it’s okay to be smart and look beautiful rather than dumb and slutty, someone who you could take home to your mother as they say. But don’t forget that even though you’re a lady in public doesn’t mean you have to be a lady in the bedroom, if we’ve chased you for a while and have put the time in then it’s okay be a freak in the sheets.

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