We Love Miista



Nothing says ‘spring fling’ better than Miista’s spring line of shoes mixed with some playful patterns and colors! Instead of going with the traditional florals for spring, mix it up and bring in some bold fall hues with the spring pastels. Miista’s line of shoes is classy yet crazy- a definite statement piece that’s worth the money.


This UK brand was started in 2010 by Laura Villasenin, and has quickly become a hot brand in the fashion world. With the perfect mixture of elegance and artistic edginess, Miista shoes are one of a kind. It’s rare to find a pair of shoes that you could wear with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a vintage t-shirt on a stroll around town AND with a suave black dress for a night out. Truly rare. And that right there is why we LOVE Miista. This brand has proven itself to be versatile and a display of true shoe-artistry.
Finger snaps for you, Miista.
Spring: We Love Miista


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