Music Video Premiere: We Are Temporary’s “Give Me More” Meets Sexual Innocence With Utmost Dread



A one man army, We Are Temporary instills a jarring balance between mysterious and murky dark depths and clean-cut clarity. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Mark Roberts combines elements of electronic, dream-pop, minimal techno and goth music to represent his own artistic craft with existential undertones throughout. Drawing comparisons to acts like early Skinny Puppy and Crystal Castles, We Are Temporary released his debut album Crossing Over in February of this year and has since toured Germany where he performed at the Wave Gotik Treffen, an annual festival in Leipzig featuring dark music and arts from around the world. Roberts is preparing for another European tour in January and February of 2017, including supporting shows for VNV Nation.


Teaming up with fellow Brooklyn-based feminist filmmaker Alina Landry-Rancier, We Are Temporary’s official music video for “Give Me More” contrasts teenage sexual innocence with the private and somber crevices of the human condition. Roberts’ morose lyrics give Landry-Rancier’s pastel visuals to her three part series for “Kiddie Riders” a seemingly conflicting contradiction, yet the fusion of the two deliberately adds a horrific surrealism as the video progresses. Tinged with excessive gratification and a loss of hope, the coming of age adolescents in the video begin to take on a pessimistic persona; rather than reaching an enlightened awareness of eventual adulthood, we view their slow-motion slick sensuality as something awaiting inevitable misery and pain. Elements like ice-cream, candy bracelets and frothy lollipops are not seen as playful, but rather a sweet poison aimed to instill unavoidable dread and loss (“You think you know what I’m like/But I am worse/I am the end of all hope“). We Are Temporary’s guitar fuses amelodic and discordant riffs towards the end of the track, a wash of misery spilling over the individual’s faces as Roberts repeats his phrase of “empty” in a near disembodied voice.



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