Walter TV || Glaze || Loafer

Photography & Words: Taylor Wallace
Venue: Mohawk, Austin TX


It can be hard to open a show on a Monday night, but Loafer (Austin, TX) didn’t have any trouble. They’re a three piece with tight bass, wonderfully nasty guitar, and a singing drummer. The guitar tones and style were reminiscent of the late Christopher Reimer from the band Women and the vocals were full of honest energy. Most of all, they looked like they were having fun.




The Glazers (Austin, TX) brought their A game to this show, as they always do. Stephen, Austin, and Jake seemed a little subdued before the set, but as soon as they started their energy on stage was as big and rowdy as their sound is. Austin thrashed around the stage, jumping up and down as he picked his bass, while Stephen danced all over his pedalboard like some kind of shoegaze ballerina and Jake tossed his curly hair back and forth to the beat of the songs. They even played a few new songs for the audience, as well as a tongue-in-cheek Coldplay cover. Well done, boys!
















The homies in Walter TV (Vancouver, BC) were the first to arrive at the venue. They hung out and goofed off with everyone before the sets started and then watched the bands play. When it was their turn to take the stage they started their set after the shortest sound check I had ever seen, Pierce sporting a red “Life is Good” baseball hat. They seemed simultaneously cohesive and laid back. Their music was spot on, warbled vocals and all. Between songs, Pierce spoke with an English accent and told everyone that his dad was “George from The Beatles”. It was good to see a touring band have such a good time playing a show on a Monday night.














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