Virtual Dating: Is It Normal?

     In our generation, it seems like everything is pretty much done online; paying the bills, shopping for the hottest styles, checking grades, and so on. So, based on the path that our generation is on, it only makes sense that the dating scene has also trickled over to the World Wide Web.


When dating first hit the web with accounts such as “E-Harmony” and “,” I was actually very skeptical, and even laughed at all of the people who began using the Internet to find a significant other. Recently, however, my opinions began to change. When my aunt decided to try it, not only did she meet someone, but she will soon be married to that person as well. I suppose the “can you believe it” commercials are pretty truthful after all. My aunt’s boy-toy is sweet, funny, and actually good looking. My opinion on dating via the web was now on the fence.


So, being an open-minded person, I decided to give it a try. The “don’t knock it till you try it” motto was screaming loudly in the back of my head. I joined a website, and instantly got all forms of winks, and flirts, and messages. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire; this questionnaire matched my answers to other people who had answered my same (or close to the same) answers. I chatted with a few people, but began to mainly talk to only one person, who I nick-named “Mr. Ice,” because he played hockey. I, like many others, wondered if this person was who he actually said he was, so, naturally, I was the creepy person who decided to Facebook friend him. After I Facebook friended him, I saw that he had 12 mutual friends, one of which I could call and ask about my new online man.


After talking to the mutual friend for a little while, I got all of the details that I was looking for, and I had confirmed that “Mr. Ice” was exactly who he portrayed himself as. Since then, we have exchanged numbers and even done the occasional snap chat. My next step is to get Mr. Ice on cam, via Skype. Our Skype date is scheduled, and a possible in-person hang out may even be coming soon. Wish me luck!


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  • Sydney

    My aunt found her husband 9 years ago on eHarmony, so I wasn’t afraid to try online dating as long as I was careful about it. I got the opportunity when one of my friends was trying to rebound after a heartbreak, and I, as well as all our friends, joined OkCupid for the heck of it to support her. None of us were looking for anything, just the chance to be called pretty by random strangers, maybe have a nice conversation or two. I started talking to this one guy pretty consistently, and after some weeks, we set up a meeting at a place on campus for lunch. I was a little worried because he didn’t have a Facebook at the time, so I couldn’t confirm or deny who he said he was, so meeting him felt like a big risk. I even invited a couple of friends to “drop by” just in case. But it turned out to be great, because we started dating soon after, and have been together for four months.

    My advice is just to go for it, but always keep your guard up. If something feels wrong, then something is wrong. Trust your instincts. But he sounds like he’s a solid guy who has been straight with you. When you do meet for the first time, I suggest somewhere very public in the daytime. Much safer. And if it doesn’t work out, you still made a new friend.

    Good luck!

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