Artist Spotlight: Virginia (Vajaja) Meza

Artist Spotlight: Virginia (Vajaja) Meza

If you are not familiar with the art of Virginia (Vajaja) Meza, chances are you already have been guided in vibe by way of the drumming put in with Kay Odyssey, Pussy Gillette, and Halcon Cara. Meza’s paintings are centered on familiarity while bathing the viewer in invoked emotion. One piece can be heavy, another whimsically optimistic; all are alive and memorable in a naturalistic expression of the best kind.

“I didn’t go to art school so fancy art words and techniques are lost on me. I don’t think I have any particular style, it’s kind of all of over the place…like my drumming; sometimes loose and dreamy, sometimes hard and tight but always more about the feels than the technique. I never learned time signatures or how to count either. I don’t take either too seriously and do both mainly for fun but sometimes I do need to get something out. Whatever that something is depends on the day.”

“There was an old retired art teacher who lived in an old rickety house who gave art lessons after school to neighborhood kids. I know, sounds creepy but it was totally cool. I can still smell the mustiness of the dust settled on his stacks of art paper and books. ┬áHe was really sweet and encouraged me to ‘draw what I felt’. I was fascinated by faces and would always distort them in some way. But even before that I was altering faces in my sister’s high school yearbooks with mustaches, hairdos & hats, crazy eyes, and cigs hanging out of their mouths. I’d draw on walls and furniture too. I filled the family bible with stick figured Jesuses and Virgin Marys with my fruit-scented markers. My dad wasn’t as impressed with my skills. Awwww…good times. In high school, I got into collages. Those are always fun. I like the idea of telling a story or making cool patterns with cut out images. Old books and magazines are the best! Lately, I’ve been painting with acrylics directly on vintage Playboy centerfolds and ads. The idea came to me in a Kush haze of painting them as their alter egos, spirit animals, objects, ghosts or just wearing a snazzy outfit…whatever she was emitting.”
“One of my favorite artists is Wayne White. He’s the one who paints funny, sometimes thought-provoking words on old thrift store landscapes he also did the puppets on Pee Wee’s Playhouse. His art is unpretentious, fun and all over the place too. There’s a really good documentary about him called Beauty is Embarrassing. You should check it out.I’m also a collector of Friend Art. Some of my faves are Stephen Sean Powell, David R. Head and Frances Washburn. Super talented and lovey humans. ┬áLove, Love and Love.” One could safely assume they feeling is mutual.
Upcoming Art Show:
The Parlor November 4-29

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Photo of the Artist:
Virginia (Vajaja) Meza

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