Vintage Vixen

Ladies, it’s hitting that time of the year when it’s HOT outside, and when it comes to clothes, less is definitely more. With that being said, let’s talk lingerie. With clothes being more revealing, you want to be sure to have some cute little under-things. We’ve all seen the great Dita Von Teese by now (unless you live under a rock), and man, isn’t she hot? I only wish I could look like a 1940’s pin-up doll in real life. OH WAIT, YOU CAN. With lingerie, you need to stop thinking rhinestones and neon with words on the back saying “Ride This” or whatever. Instead, think lace, mesh, and satin. Although you may not often be seen in your underwear, it can still give a boost of confidence to know that you look awesome in your lingerie. I mean, hey, if someone does see you in it, that can only be a bonus, right?
With lingerie, you need to figure out what sizes that you are. I don’t mean what sizes that you think you are, but rather the sizes you really are – aka, GO GET MEASURED. You never know, maybe the bra size that you’ve always worn is too small, and a size up could be ultra comfortable. Your lingerie should be fitting, enhancing, and functional. Of course, a bra and panties need to carry out their traditional duties of keeping things in, but allowing your undergarments to be cute or sexy isn’t a crime, right? Wear what makes you feel comfortable. If it gives you constant wedgies, or causes you to adjust often, it’s probably not right for you. Along with that, we might as well cover the topic of push-up bras. A little lift is just fine, because it keeps the “gals” perky. However, if you are wearing an extreme push-up bra where there’s more push-up than there is what’s physically being pushed up, then that’s an issue. You’re obviously not doing yourself any favors. Push-up bras like that can be uncomfortable, and they can put a strain on your ladies. If you’re really that concerned with your boobs looking like Pamela Anderson’s, then maybe you should consider a boob job. Your boobs aren’t meant to be a resting pad for your chin.
On another note, let’s discuss colors. Now, bright colors and patterns are fun to wear, but are they always practical when you’re wanting to wear that white shirt? Prrrrrobably not. Consider buying some lingerie that’s neutral colored. Peaches and tans are still sexy! Blacks are too! This doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun colored lingerie, but having neutral pieces can be beneficial in the long run.
Now, on the topic of “Vintage Vixen,” let’s take what your grandma wore, and introduce it to the 21st century. When you think of vintage, you generally think of something around 1920’s-1940’s, with pin-up girls, rich materials, pearls, and classiness everywhere (not including the Great Depression, bleh). You see these pin-up girls and drawings of women in old magazines, all of which are being seductive, cute, and classy. All. At. Once. How is that even possible? Well, I wasn’t there, so I wouldn’t really know, but I’ll take a stab at explaining it. First of all, lingerie didn’t involve sparkles and quotes. I mean, what guy would want to see his girl friend or wife wearing a pair of panties saying “Come and Get It.”  Secondly, it was more natural. They didn’t wear bum-enhancing underwear (cough cough Nicki Minaj), or overwhelming push-up bras. So, to achieve this look, start by looking into lacy bras and underwear, because they can be comfortable and appealing for on-lookers. Though it’s still not a widespread trend, simple lace bras are making a come back. By simple, I mean there’s usually no underwire, and there’s definitely no push-up; they’re au naturale. Sometimes, these can even be worn with shirts that are intended to be see-thru, without looking trashy.  You might even consider looking into bustiers and corsets. Crop-top bustiers have become a hit in the fashion world lately, even when simply worn with a cute skirt or shorts. Another option in underwear is silk – nothing is more sensual than silk. Silk panties are very soft on the skin, and matching bras are never far off. With a silk set of lingerie, a bra with a little push could make you the next Betty Grable. Meeeeeow. With a matching set of lingerie, you might even consider a garter belt and stockings. This can be worn with or without the belt straps showing, which all depends on your style and comfort level. Regardless, garter belts with stockings are HOT. What many people don’t realize about garters is that they can be more comfortable than a regular pair of tights. Again, however, it all depends on your comfort level. If you still shop with your mom for lingerie, it might be best to stay away from those, considering they usually have a sexual connotation. Lastly, the outfits. Whether you’re a pin up model like Dita, or just a normal Nancy, a sexy, yet classy, outfit is always an option. Try a “teddy” if you’ve got a special someone over, or a onesie if you want to pair it with a skirt. Either way, you’ll be dressed to impress, no doubt about it. Even a robe with an elegant design can make you take one look in the mirror and think “Damn, I’m one hot vintage vixen.” …or, you know, something like that. Top it all off with some vintage gems or classy pearls, and now you’re pin-up perfect. Vintage Vixen


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