Vegan Vaute Couture



If you aren’t aware, there is finally a fashion brand out there that is all-vegan. Yes, I said all-vegan! What exactly is vegan clothing though? It means that all fabrics are animal-free, organic, and often made of recycled fibers. It’s a mix of animal rights and fashion, and Vaute Couture broke history as the first ever all-vegan fashion brand to show at New York Fashion Week in February, 2013.

Vaute Couture is a unique, innovative brand that started because the founder, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, wanted a winter dress coat that was not only flattering, but also warm and animal cruelty-free. She combines high tech weatherproof performance fabrics to create possibly the warmest coats ever; nothing like wool or suede. The fabric is different than any other used in fashion brands and the textures are out of this world. The site has a “fabric guide” explaining what it looks like, what it is made of, the weatherproof qualities, and how to care for them.

Vaute has expanded after it was presented at New York Fashion Week, which gained the eco-friendly brand a large amount of attention. Since then, Vaute makes more than just coats and they are all worth every penny. You’ll never miss the leather or the fur again.









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