Valentine’s Gifts for US.

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Typically, in the U.S. we see Valentine’s as yet another holiday to buy your significant other a gift (as if birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries weren’t enough). Most people even see it as a day where just girls expect gifts and romance and all that garb. It’s a holiday for your girlfriend, right? To celebrate how great she is? WRONG. It’s about the BOTH of you. So why not celebrate it in that fashion? Valentine’s shouldn’t be the largest teddy bear available or two dozen red roses with a cheesy heart shaped box of Walmart-grade chocolates. Instead, here are some fun ideas so that you can celebrate both of you in the relationship.

1. Take a trip

It could be a romantic, luxurious weekend get-away or even something as simple as driving a town over and staying at an interesting B&B. Getting lost and staying at a weird motel can even provide for a fun experience and cool stories to tell. If you aren’t able to spend the night somewhere, there’s always the option to take a day-trip to a carnival, beach, or some other neat location. There’s tons of neat stuff around you (and Google can help you find them).

2. Go down memory lane

It’s a little on the mushy side, but visiting the place you met, where you went on your first date, or a notable place in your relationship would not only be a great dose of romance for V-Day but could even be a great boost for your relationship. Reminiscing on when things were fresh and fun (not saying that they still aren’t!) could rejuvenate your day-to-day and provide a fresh perspective for you both. My boyfriend and I met while working at a burrito chain (romantic, right?), and every time we go back, the nostalgia runs pretty high.

3. Make dinner (and dessert!)

We can’t all be Wolfgang Puck, but finding instructions on how to make your favorite dish isn’t that hard. Maybe the two of you can whip together a delicious Chicken Parmesan or get a cheap sushi kit and customize your own sushi rolls. It’s inexpensive, you don’t have to dress up, and you can drink as much as you want without getting cut off. Plus, after dinner… comes dessert.

4. Create something together

Sometimes celebrating each other means pushing away all of the crap, and Love is Art is a great place to start ( Jeremy Brown has created a fun and memorable experience where couples can create a beautiful piece of abstract art while being intimate. OK, so maybe you and your Valentine aren’t ready for that yet. We get it! Creating something together can still be a really revealing experience. Grab a canvas and some paint and get creative!

5. Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party

Now, we’re definitely not saying that Valentine’s Day is only for couples. It’s not! Send your friends a few, “I hate this fucking holiday” invitations, stock up on booze, and play a few drinking games with your favorite films or Netflix series. Celebrate the love you share with your friends and the mutual understanding that cats and cupcakes are your one true love. Maybe we’ll join you!


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Happy Valentines, lovaaassss!

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