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Ysenia Valdez

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Ysenia Valdez is the editor-in-chief of Cabra Magazine, but also works as Zineland’s newest intern in New York City. We interviewed Ysenia to find out more about how she started her own printed publication before turning 21 and what her next big goals are with the fashion industry as her playing field. To find out more, stay up-to-date with her Instagram!


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ANON: Ysenia, at what age did you realize that you wanted to work in a creative field? Did it just sort of come to you or have you always been interested in fashion and the creative industry?

YSENIA: I was definitely always intrigued by the fashion industry, but it was more of an admiration from afar. I had never viewed it as being something I would pursue professionally. It honestly sort of just came to me after I decided to start CABRA my sophomore year of college. Its all still very new to me.

A: When you thought of the idea for Cabra Magazine, what did you initially expect to be the outcome of the entire project?

Y: So many universities have fashion magazines and it was so shocking to me that a school filled with so much style didn’t have one. I mean, one of the first things that I read when researching St. Edward’s was how nice everyone dressed. We were missing that outlet for students who were interested in fashion and art. All I really expected was for it to serve as that outlet.

A: Were your expectations fulfilled by the end of the release of the first issue? The second issue?

Y: My expectations were so much lower than all of it. The first issue was something that I was so pleased with. When the student body got a hold of it and it began to gain more attention, I was honestly in shock. Not only were people asking about a second issue, they were wanting to apply and become a part of it. We went from a group of less than twenty students (majority being first semester freshmen) to over fifty. The second issue was just as, if not more, satisfying than the first because it contained more content and attention from the local Austin community.

A: I understand that this was your first time being the Editor-In-Chief of this magazine. What skills and new outlooks did you gain from this experience? Did they push you to seek out an even bigger opportunity in the fashion/creative industry?

Y: Everything I learned was from my team of directors and staff members. They were the ones that possessed the creative minds and talents that formed CABRA into what it is. I learned how to properly balance and showcase the diverse range of expression that our student body has and how to trust my team to get their job done in the allotted time. Seeing the final product, along with how satisfied the team would be from it, was like a drug to me. It only pushed me to want to pursue something in the field even more.

A: Congratulations on the internship at Zineland in NYC, by the way! What exactly is Zineland and what are some of the tasks that you do there?

Y: Thank you! So Zineland is a fashion advertising agency in Brooklyn that provides multiple services to improve brand visibility through campaign production, social media, design and fashion consultancy for local designers and artists. As an intern, my main focus has been updating and running the website and social media content. I run errands for my boss – most recently going to midtown for a lense cleaning at 9am… in the rain – contact designers, modeling agencies and artists for the photoshoots. I also get to attend and assist in the photoshoots we do, help in the editing process and pitch any ideas that I have for upcoming projects.




A: I’m curious about your experiences at this internship after seeing a few Instagram posts of what goes on in the office. What has been the craziest photo shoot that you have helped with?

Y: The craziest shoot that we did was for this band call The New Tarot. It wasn’t crazy because of production or malfunctions, it was the concept of the shoot itself that was crazy. The band was going for a futuristic take on human sacrifice. So, we had this altar built for it and one of the members was laying on it while all the other members were dressed in silver and red robes with these iridescent goggles on surrounding him. Then they begin to “sacrifice” the guy with his own trombone. It was a crazy concept but the final pictures looked amazing!


The New Tarot @ Zineland


A: After this experience, what are your plans for the future? Are there any potentials out there that you are keeping your eye on? In other words, what is your goal workplace after graduation?

Y: My goal is to work at a workplace that allows for a fun and expressive environment. Ideally, I would love to work for either a magazine, a designer, a brand or a fashion marketing agency back in New York but I am open to anything. Now that I’ve realized how much I enjoy and thrive off the fashion/creative industry, I never want to leave it.





Photos: Ysenia Valdez

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