Ünderworld: A Psychedelic Slacker Comedy in the Making

jjPictured: Justin Jacobs as Rob


Ünderworld, a psychedelic slacker comedy, is director Vanessa Pla’s independent birth child starting actors and actresses from across the spectrum. Filmed in San Marcos, Texas, and citing influences like Dazed & Confused and Empire Records,  the film is what happens with a band of slacker youths take over a theme park and save it from subsequent doom. Mike, our protagonist, is not what you’d call a responsible character — a post-college graduate known to sleep in past noon, he is forced to take over the park after his father dies in a tragic accident. With a troop of like-minded friends, including roles from Lorelei Linklater, Tanner Kalina, and Andrew Cernosek, the film is as much about the changes surrounding Mike as it is the cast of employees at Wonder World and how they each contribute their unique charisma to the film.




Pla uses local psychedelic/garage-rock bands from the likes of Holy Wave, The Daddyo’s, SCHWEIN! and The Sun Machine to perfect the soundtrack, as well as arranges a mass collaboration between director and actor, with each cast member crafting their role to uniquely suit them. Actress Sarah Mullinnix states that “Vanessa has sat down with each of the actors individually and allowed for us to develop our own characters based on real life experience. It’s a collaboration unlike any other I’ve been a part of”. Catering to each individual contributes to Ünderworld being a rewarding project, both for the viewer and cast alike. You can keep up to date with Ünderworld on their Facebook and Instagram.


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