Two Opinions On Gay Marriage

Opinion #1 comes from a student at Texas A&M University. He is reporting on the campus response to all of the recent GLBT news.

Tensions have been running high on the campus of Texas A&M University this week, with the introduction of Student Senate Bill 65-70, referred to as The GLBT Funding Opt-Out Bill. This bill would allow any student who feels religiously opposed to the funding of the GLBT Resource Center on the campus of Texas A&M to opt-out of this portion of the mandatory University Advancement Fee.


The GLBT Resource Center is located in Cain Hall. There are bookshelves lined with research aids, as well as pamphlets which inform students on how to cope with various issues GLBT peoples face. On a normal day, one will find students working on homework between classes or talking with friends. There are also many events the Center executes to educate the student body, including the GLBT Speakers Bureau. This panel of GLBT identified students comes to classes and meetings to tell peers about their lives. Panelists also answer questions from the audience dealing with many issues surrounding family, faith, experiences with coming out, and stereotypes. This is a very educational program for both the panelist and classroom.

The Student Senate Bill is set to go through the Finance Committee on Tuesday, April 2, and Open Forum is on Wednesday, April 3.

This is not the only thing happening in the community, as the United States Supreme Court has heard cases dealing with California’s Proposition 8, the law which made same-sex marriage illegal in 2008 there, as well as the Defense of Marriage Act, which dictates a federally recognized marriage is between heterosexual couples. Prop 8 has been struck down as unconstitutional by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals already, and DOMA has been renounced by the Obama administration, as well as by many prominent corporations. The nation seems split on the argument, however, with around 50% of Americans supporting same-sex marriage.

While Texas A&M has been cited as the least friendly GLBT university, many are trying to combat this analysis. As brave warriors take on the high courts of the United States, there are many fearless individuals fighting for equality at ground level.


Opinion #2 comes from one of our anonymous writers. She is reporting her opinions on what, she believes, goes beyond the human rights issue of Gay Marriage.

216-536 HandsOfUnity

I’d like to apologize in advance if this blog post turns into a rant. A lot of times when I write about issues I feel strongly about – or more specifically, the behavior of people who speak on these issues—it turns into a list of complaints I have.  But keep reading, and hopefully you’ll be able to empathize with me!

 Unless you’ve been on a social networking hiatus for the past few days, you’ve seen numerous profile picture changes to a pink equal sign on a red background. This picture originated from the Human Rights Campaign, which created the image to spark awareness for the beginning Supreme Court hearings involving same sex marriage. People are passing along the new gay rights symbol to show their support for same sex marriage.

I’m not here to tell you my position on the issue; rather, I’d like to focus on the behavior I’ve seen from BOTH sides. Those who don’t support gay marriage have been deemed bigots, homophobes, ignorant, close-minded… The list goes on. As for those who want gay marriage legalized, I’ve read claims that they are gross, immoral, unethical, and downright bad people. Reading these insults has made me think, no wonder we can’t compromise!

Insults and offensive jabs are present in EVERY issue, whether it’s economics, political, or social. Consider this: why would anyone listen to an opposing view when someone with that view is speaking with such hatred? Instead of looking at the fundamental issue, people are name-calling and throwing around personal insults! How is that progressive, and how is that going to help you win? Since I was two years old, my mother always taught me that being nasty and throwing fits would not get me what I want. And now look at our society; grown adults are throwing the same types of temper tantrums. It just makes you and all those who believe the same thing as you look bad and it’s probably going to push people away rather than draw them in to consider your side of things.

What do YOU think about the current news and issues regarding gay marriage in today’s society?

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