Twenty Somethings

Photographer and interviewer Hannah Jones is currently working on a project about all the exciting, terrifying, and hopeful feelings that twenty-something year olds all go through – “the feeling of wishing we could just fast forward to our life in ten years and take a glimpse. The feeling of our own hopeless idealistic views on all the possibly great things that could come our way, if they ever will.” She asked a group of twenty something year olds about what it’s like to grow up in this day and age. This is their response.




“There are moments when I feel like it’s too much. That the process is too difficult. That figuring it out can too heartbreaking at times, and it’s hard carrying all this pressure. But sometimes I’m happy for no reason at all, because I’ve never felt so excited and intrigued with the possibility that anything could happen.” – Hayley




“We are a generation that can do anything we want, but because that goes for every twenty year old, it’s highly competitive, which can only bring you back to square one.” – Rachel



“I think the biggest thing for me is that I have to remind myself that I’m not the same person I was when I was in my late teens. Everything’s changed, and you have to grow up in order to get the things you want and become the person you’ve always said you’re going to become when you’re older. Saying that though, I’m a lot more wiser, a lot more open minded and a lot more confident than what I used to be. Who knows if that’s going to stay the same by the time I hit my thirties.” – Alex



“If I didn’t spend all of my time watching puppies on youtube and looking at pictures of cats in hats, I would be way more successful!” – Becci



“Being in your twenties of the age of the internet is such a difficult thing to sum up in such a short statement, but I suppose dating websites and apps are what worry me the most. In a world where your personality and substance are ignored and you are judged purely on how good you look in photographs, we now live in a vanity obsessed culture where we all secretly seek to validate ourselves with selfies. I like to think that a few decades ago the dating scene was about finding a nice person with common interests to spend time with, but now men and women treat each other as disposable objects. It’s so easy to scroll through hundreds of singletons in your area and make your choice based on the best selfie, and if you don’t engage in that, you fade into the background.” – Emma



“In my experience as a twenty something, I’ve asked myself a lot ”what the fuck am I doing?” 
I know that it’s going to get easier, but what’s happening is happening right now.” – Thomas



“Your twenties is a time worry. I worry on a regular basis about my future. Whether I’ll ever get a ‘real job’, what I’m having for dinner, what colour I should dye my hair next, what should I watch on Netflix? People in their thirties don’t have to worry about the most pointless things.” – Catherine



“It’s fine, I suppose. I mean the only thing I find difficult is the money situation, and not having your parents there to constantly help you and saving for things that you actually need and not just want. Apart from that, I’m fine with how things are at the moment. I’ve sort of liked being thrown into it.” – Kai



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