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At the very bottom of it, the point of art is to help people feel less alone. In my short time as a performer and songwriter, this is something I’ve constantly attempted to do–but, unfortunately, I can’t truly tell you whether or not I’ve actually succeeded at it. I can only go off of what really turns me on as someone who experiences art. Attempts to translate my love for David Lynch and Woody Allen films into a different medium, or books like “Swann’s Way” or “Tropic of Cancer,” or any painting by Magritte–for songs are different animals than all these things. And in an age where it seems conformity has returned, uglier than ever, and the market is flooded with work that encourages one to follow trends (chase hits) instead of creating one’s own voice, how does the artist go about creating a two to four minute piece of music that stands out and captures people in a way that makes them feel less alone as I’ve stated?

I have no clue. I could tell you about my experiences with junkies down in the dark crevices of desolated suburbia, Saturday nights spent drinking myself into a stupor (moaning to my generation that we are all so unsure of ourselves), the multitude of moments I’ve spent on the road running to or from something, or the summers I’ve spent jobless and roaming around cemeteries to kill time… but none of that guarantees that I am able to make you feel less alone or myself for that matter–that I can touch you as, say, “Holocene” by Bon Iver has touched me. As a son of the Midwest, I have no idea what I’m doing. There’s no guarantee that anything I sing has meaning and it’s actually just noise that viciously attacks deaf and drunken ears. So I’m down here in Austin this week to get drunk with you all and do just that. I have no goals or ambitions–I cannot tell you what the next day brings. I live my life on the dirty stage because I have nowhere else to sleep. I live off your bread crumbs and cook my meals on your stove. I’m out here with you all–endlessly groping in the dark for something that possibly doesn’t exist. First round’s on me.

– Trevor Sensor




Keep an eye out for Trevor Sensor’s debut EP, Texas Girls and Jesus Christ off Jagjaguwar on March 25th. If you’re in Austin, TX for SXSW be sure to catch Sensor’s sets at the following spots;

Wednesday, March 16th – Ranch by Chicken Ranch Day Party at Hole in the Wall – 2:15PM

Thursday, March 17th – Secretly Group Official SXSW Showcase at Barracuda – 9:15PM

Friday, March 18th – Windish Agency Annual SXSW Day Party at Mohawk – 1PM

You can keep updated with Trevor Sensor on his Facebook and Twitter.


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