Treasures was a devised performance piece incorporating mask and puppets.  The piece was originally developed as part of The Cave installation. 
A group show, The Cave was presented at Frontrunner Gallery March 16th-31st, 2012. Produced by Corinne Beardsley, 20 artists and performers built a cave out of cardboard and wheat pasting newsprint to paint, draw, install sculpture, soundscapes, and host performances of music and theater. The show inhabited two spaces at 59 Franklin St. – a 400 square foot gallery, and its project space in the deep caverns of the building. The audience discovered the dark spaces using crafted flashlight torches. The Cave was a post-apocalyptic space that had been abandoned for an indeterminate amount of time, but was discovered by the audience for the first time since living beings left it.
Lavinia constructed the costume and puppets from found, recycled materials. Treasures tells the story of a post apocalyptic bum.  She is carrying around a strange collection of puppets fashioned after creatures such as fish, snakes and butterflies, that no longer exist in this desolate, post-apocalyptic world. The vocal work and movement vocabulary were inspired from the sounds and movements of insects.Treasures was also performed at Bushwick Open Studios: Hybrid Performance Art Showcase, Brooklyn Fireproof, Bushwick, NYC, June 2013,  “And Your Very Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem,” Arch Production & Design, Bushwick, NYC, June 2012.











Lavinia Roberts is a visual artist, facilitator, activist, and published and award- winning writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates masks, puppets, and other objects for live performances. Her work has been produced in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and London. You can see more of her work on her website, as well as on her blog.


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