Tomboy Presents: Roll Out

Tomboy, an electro-pop duo with members Sarah Aument and William Shore, is the best thing to come out of NYC this year.

It’s been three weeks since the debut of Tomboy’s “Roll Out,” and its already made its way to one of Flavorwire’s top five singles of the week—and there’s reason for that.

“Roll Out” is a tribal-infused journey in which you find yourself intoxicated by Aument’s vocals between each beat transition. From slow and melodic to a bumpy ride on an undertone bass, the song sounds like the sexier, mellowed-out version of “Latch.”


But it gets better.

“Hang Out” is another Tomboy track that you can’t help but listen to on repeat, especially if you’re looking to chill out. This song is an enchantment that makes you feel like you’re belly-dancing underwater with the sunlight hitting your face. Aument’s vocals, though sprightly and radiant, reach the lowest of sultry keys.

The musical sounds that Tomboy creates are like a mix of light acrylic with a deep sea undertone forming no shape on the canvas, just rotating and curving into one another. They’re on to something beautiful. Go have a listen.


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