To The Guys: Stop Trying To Control How Women Look

Alright, so, I should probably put it out there that I often find myself relating to Squidward. We both suck at the clarinet (I’ve never actually attempted to play, but I’m taking an educated guess here), and we both have a lot of pet peeves. If you’re not a fan of people who complain and rant a lot, you probably don’t want to read this. Although, I promise it won’t be that bad.

Something that I’ve seen a lot of lately is guys making comments implying that girls do everything to please them, and I’m really tired of it. This may come as a surprise to some of you men out there, but you really aren’t the center of our universe.


A prime example of this is girls who wear a lot of makeup (and, I mean a lot). Guys are ALWAYS telling them that they wear too much, or that they look better without it. Let me say up front that acknowledging natural beauty is appreciated, and yes, some girls do wear makeup solely because they’re trying to attract boys. However, there are a lot of ladies who wear makeup simply because they like to! It’s not always about trying to get a guy to notice them. For some, it’s an art form, and for others, it’s a fun way to dress things up. I wear make up to make myself feel better, and so do a lot of other women. Just like going to the gym makes you feel better about yourself, some eye shadow and lipstick does the same for us.

Another big one that’s been popping up on social network sites this school year is guys complaining about the way girls look when they go to class. I’ve seen a lot of tweets calling girls out on their sweatpants, messy buns, and makeup from the night before still being on their faces. Let me break it down for y’all, if you haven’t figured this out yet…. YOU ARE NOT THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF FEMALES, OR THE WAY THEY LOOK. Especially if you show up to class in your gym shorts and hoodie that you haven’t washed in weeks! We are JUST as tired, lazy, and behind on schoolwork as you are. We stay up until 4AM studying, and go to class on 3 hours of sleep just like you. We don’t care what we look like when we go to class, because we are not there to impress you; we are there to learn (or sign the attendance sheet, and then go on Facebook). If you want to see us dressed to impress, go to the bar on a Friday night, or ask us on a date (a real date, not a party). Some women aren’t so caught up in the material world, and are more worried about their school or work. Isn’t that what’s really important anyway?

I hope this was a little bit of an eye-opener for some of you men to refrain from judging us so harshly on our appearance. Also, if you’re singing One Direction lyrics to your girl about how she doesn’t need makeup to cover up, know that she appreciates your intentions, but remember that maybe she likes it, and does it for herself.

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  • John

    If a girl walks into class looking like they just rolled out of bed and crawled to class, I’m going to assume they’re just lazy. The same goes for any guys. Even if you ARE lazy, why are you alerting everyone to that fact?

    If you’re in college, you should dress and act like a grown-up while you’re in class. It isn’t just about walking in to class and jotting down notes, it’s about making connections and impressions with your fellow students and your professors. Plus, it’s just good manners, especially towards your professor.

    Every time you walk to class is an opportunity for you to meet someone that can literally change your life. Why waste it looking like Frankenstein?

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