Tis the Season: Horror Movie Marathon

We gathered a collection of Halloween horror movies for your viewing pleasure, just in time for the weekend! Ranging from over-the-top-Nic-Cage-rage hilarity to films that’ll leave you thinking what has been seen can never be unseen, we’ve got something here for everyone this Halloween season.



Vampire’s Kiss

You haven’t seen Nicolas Cage at his finest until you’ve seen Vampire’s Kiss. I’ve introduced this film to people at least half a dozen times, and I still have yet to tell if it’s an outrageous mess that just keeps escalating or a genius masterpiece captured on film. Is Nicolas Cage really a vampire? Or has he lost his goddamn mind? At least one thing’s for sure, you’ll be quoting this movie until next Halloween.






Pontypool is a fresh take on the zombie/infection genre of horror films. Taking place within the confines of a radio station in the small town of Pontypool, Ontario, this is one film that is low on the shock effect and gore, but does an excellent job keeping you on the edge of your seat. I believe this is one of those films that’s best to go in blind, but trust me, it’s pure low-budget intelligent horror story at its best.






1977’s Hausu is a Japanese haunted house film by Nobuhiko Obayashi that is equally spooky as it is bizarre. The film begins with a group of school-girls (with names like Kung-Fu, Melody, and Fanta) going to visit one’s grandma during their vacation. One by one, they each get devoured by the house in mysterious (and hilarious) ways. Director Nobuhiko often sought advice for the film from his young daughter, believing that “children can come up with things that can’t be explained”. What results will leave you baffled, but in the best way possible.





Man Bites Dog

Cult classic Man Bites Dog is a black comedy mockumentary is directed by Rémy Belvaux, who also plays the lead actor, co-editor, and cinematographer. The film follows an experienced serial killer as he waxes poetical with details of his daily mundane routine, his thoughts on classical music, and why it’s more cost effective to murder old ladies than young couples. As the film progresses, so does his killing rampage until things start to get out of hand. This is one certainly not for the faint of heart.





Sleepaway Camp

If you’re in the mood for a campy horror film, then this one is most definitely for you. Angela and her cousin Ricky are sent off to sleepaway camp where poor Angela is constantly tormented, boys in short shorts are playing pranks and yelling obscenities to one another, and one by one the campers are getting murdered. Filled with teenage drama and weird relatives, this one also contains the most shocking ending to go down in the history of shocking endings (don’t you dare Google what happens).






Roman Polanski is known for his weird and unconventional/slightly confusing movies, but man…I think this one takes the cake. It’s about a beautiful Belgian girl who lives with her sister, but while her sister is in Europe with her dickish boyfriend, the girl is left by her lonesome in their surprisingly huge apartment. Next thing you know, there’s a rotting dish of meat, a dead guy, and their apartment is now a fort from the outside world. But even still, she is haunted from within. I will say, I didn’t really understand the movie well until I looked it up on Wikipedia after watching it, but it ended up making sense…in a super fucked up psychologically terrorizing way. Enjoy!






If you’re into creepy psychopaths with weird obsessions, then this movie is for you! A strange man named Otis has an obsession for a certain type of girl, and as any logically thinking obsessor would do, he kidnaps them and keeps them in his basement. He likes to dress them up and act out typical movie-esque high school scenes. It’s so weird, and may possibly make you cringe a little…especially because it’s loosely based on actual stories. When the latest victim’s family gets fed up with the FBI for not doing their job, they take matters into their own hands. Its freaky, gory, and a little funny at the same time. It’s great.





House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Rejects

This two-part story involves a shit ton of dead bodies, weird people, and perhaps some of the goriest scenes I’ve ever watched. It starts with two couples stopping at an odd gas station run by a trashy (creepy) clown, then they meet a girl and offer her a ride, only to be met with a flat tire and death. However, the girl’s family decides to draw out the death process of their newly found victims, making it a game of torture for all involved. Despite all efforts, no one is safe around this family. A large team of State Troopers then swarm the residence due to the suspicion surrounding the family in regards to 75 missing persons, but the family has no problem killing more people. They then hit the road, abducting and sexually assaulting whatever they can get their hands on. And to carry on the tradition, they continue to kill. Both movies should definitely be watched together, so take a day to veg out, but leave your weak stomach at home.





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