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Self care has been a buzzword for a while now– it’s everywhere! What I’ve found is that while self care should be defined by each individual, it helps to get some tips and tricks to get you started. Sadly I found that there weren’t a whole lot of articles giving out these tips and tricks to artists and creatives. A lot of self care tips suggest doing what we do every day, sometimes all day. How do you develop your own self care when your projects and passions (painting, writing, singing etc.) serve as options for others to de-stress? I gave it some thought, did a little research, and here are some self care tips and suggestions for all my creative birds out there aka my Self Care for Artists list:

  1. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT: Make sure you are paying attention to what makes you feel stressed and what makes you feel calm on a daily basis. If coffee gives you anxiety, going out to a coffee shop to have a latte is probably going to only cause problems. Just because that’s the answer for some, doesn’t mean it is yours. I know I’ve basically already said this but I want to make it abundantly clear! You don’t need a fur throw and candles to take care of yourself. (Though… I’m into both.)
  2. MOVE YOUR BODY: For most of us (except for dancers and some musicians) we spend our time sitting or standing in one position for long periods of time. Give your mind a break and get some fresh oxygen to forgotten parts of your body by moving and using it. Take a walk. Do yoga. Go crazy and go to SoulCycle if you want. Fresh oxygen to the brain can also do wonders for the creative process. Look up how many writers and inventors took long daily walks and you’ll realize there’s something to it.
  3. FILL YOUR HEAD WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S THOUGHTS: Yes, I know this sounds like a weird suggestion, but we spend so much time lost in our own trains of thought, ideas, processes, and emotions that we need a good long break. Read a book, read a newspaper, listen to a full album while lying on your floor, watch a new movie. It is ok to take a break and let your mind go somewhere new. Everything you’re working on will be there when you get back. I promise.
  4. GET SOCIAL: It can be easy to get caught up in a groove and not leave your house for five days. But you gotta! Taking a couple of hours to go see friends or family or to meet someone new can bring fresh perspective and ideas. No one is saying you have to go out and get trashed and ruin the entire next day of work for yourself, but just a couple of hours out of the work zone can re-energize you. Maybe it’s bowling, maybe it’s your friend’s apartment. Whatever it is, get out there and take a break. Smile. Make a bad joke. It’ll be great, promise.
  5. DO SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU: This one covers a lot. Do something for you that you normally reserve for others. Do you only go to the movies with your girlfriend? Great, now go to one alone. Do you only cook when you have friends over? Guess what, you’re making something special just for you tonight! Only get your nails done with your mom? Surprise! You’re going it alone. I catch myself ALL the time reserving certain activities I love to enjoy with others, when really, I am fully capable of enjoying them on my own. You are too!

Since none of us have the attention spans we once did, I’ll stop here. But let me know what you think! I can do a second installment and get more specific with products and activities, now that you know you have so many options available to you!


THRIVE is answered by Amanda Kusek, a poet, blogger, and dog mom living in NYC.



  • Drema Schau

    This article is awesome! I am all about the self care! I feel like it’s all the rage right now admist all the constant noises and technology that surrounds us…our short attention spans definitely needs all the self care it can get! 🙂 Sometimes I (lowkey) LOVE it when the internet goes out or technology fails so it forces me to get out of my “zone.”

    • A K

      Yes! I love if I forget my phone at home while I am out and about, it really forces me to live in the moment! I am so glad this spoke to you. 🙂 Gotta work on that attention span!

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