Things I Found On Reddit

I waste so much of my life on it’s stupid. If you don’t know what Reddit is, I don’t care. Just go to it and click on things until it makes sense. All this time on the internet was not spent in vain though, I’ve found cool things for you to click on.



This Hall & Oates dub is amazing. I almost thought it was real audio when I first saw it. Something light to start ourselves off.


There are subreddits for everything. There are over 490,000 subreddits, so everything from cat pictures, to wife sharing, to scientific journal articles, to dicks photoshopped onto things is covered. One of my favorites is a subreddit dedicated to over reactive, irrational, extremist, social justice warriors on Tumblr (/r/TumblrInAction). This is a post from a warrior’s blog. Funny, but their lack of self-awareness can be rage inducing.



This is a video of some guy on drugs who is totally tripping balls dancing in the middle of an empty parking lot. When I watch this video, I always wonder what’s going on inside his head to make him dance so much. It’s really incredible what drugs can make you think or do. Drugs are cool.


Now for some good ol’ fashion American violence. This is a Halloween brawl in Oakland where a bunch of girls completely destroy a Denny’s. There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to crazy freak-outs like this (/r/PublicFreakout) and it makes me paranoid that anyone anywhere could just snap and start a fight at Denny’s. People are weird.


This refreshing song sounds like a foreign Tim and Eric three months after a bad car accident. The terrible music subreddit (/r/CrappyMusic) is hilarious, to me at least. I never knew there were so many terrible songs in the world.


Do you hate your asshole? Then you should listen to this guy’s advice.



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