Video Premier: The Stacks – “Chicon”

Photo by John Bergin

Those of us having been born in the fire of Austin over the last decade have a shared sentiment growing heavier by the minute. A gut-wrenching fear doth harken. Our spirits once lifted from the ashes of our past lives by the kindred collective matching our energy to an untouchable place of fulfilling peace are beginning more and more to feel as though our voices are alone crying out to the darkness and hearing only silence as a reply. This place, these places, once timelessly beating against the wave of the corporate and the capitalistic are slowly proving unmatched to ward off the inevitable nothing. There is light too. There are warm thoughts. There are hopes. There is the belief that once more we can press our tiny lips together and blow upon the ever-burning coals to reignite our wild lives. But denying the weight of pessimism telling us it is time to go certainly gets harder as we go. This last year has not made it any easier.

Chicon” from The Stacks is a beautiful eloquent reflection of this malaise. Did they have to go and break our hearts so sweetly with this video though? It is almost too much. Beautifully shot and edited, we get a heaping dose of nostalgic letting go soundtracked in perfection. When Andrew Cashen gave us “Frank Sinatra’s Yacht,” I thought that was the closest we could get at having a voice for those of us hanging around holding onto an idea, forgetting thoughts and hopes and experiences are merely sand. “Chicon” puts a glowing silhouette around it. We relate in feeling completely what this song is about and appreciate it for speaking truth poetically to the darkness. One can only hope we might draw strength through it moving forward, be it a breath or a lifetime, this song can help us appreciate what we still have as much as we appreciate what we had. If not, well, at the very least this video now exists for us to revisit every once in a while to help fight back some tears about something that meant so much to us.

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