The Rashita Joneses are TAKING OVAAAA



Killer Garage Punk band “The Rashita Joneses” (Milwaukee,WI) well known for their love of every thing loud and trashy, are tearing up the scene after just dropping their debut s/t EP this March. Sporting locally drawn cover art the EP screams lo-fi through the gnarly, sketchy creation by artist Jacqueline Joyce ( Recorded DIY in the unfinished basement of (drummer) Shamus’es home in Milwaukee,WI  the 4 track banger was released March 10th 2015. Punk, psychadelic, grunge? Featuring their single “Mosquito” as the first track the EP holds a raw nature all to ready to be called any of these things. The gnarly single off the EP has people chillin and rockin all at the same time, just scope the music video and chuh chuh chiggity check it out for your self if youre still reading this! By hitting venues hard, releasing a split cassette with friends Filter Free Rodeo, and cruising through the Midwest on their Midwest Tour, dudes are rocking cities and signing titties. 


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“Phatty bass, brain melting riffs, thunderstorm power drums. The Rashita Joneses possess all ingredients crucial to a rad Garage-Psych band.” 

– Jon Gevart, local music enthusiast/critic



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