The Oh Holy List of Memorial Weekend Sales

Some people spend Memorial Day weekend on barbecues or overdue craft projects, but we all know what it’s really for. SHOPPING. Memorial weekend is notorious for big sales in preparation for summer, so we have compiled “The Oh Holy List of Memorial Weekend Sales” just for you!


Nasty Gal has a Start of Summer sale boasting $14 crop tops and $19 skater skirts. Get your #GIRLBOSS on at

Urban Outfitters is bringing in some sweeter silhouettes for the ladies, and of course your arm candy is nothing without his sassy man tank. Couple of the year status available at

H&M reminds us that everyone needs a little basic in their life, and with goodies starting at $4.95 (yes, you read that right), we’re alright with it.

Topshop has got everything from socks to swim in their modest Memorial Day weekend sale. Aaaaand it doesn’t hurt that their collab with Kate Moss is still live. Start with their seasonal sale and get lost in the glitter at

NYLON has a handful of goodies marked down for your viewing pleasure. Most of it is leaning more toward the cooler months, but a little sun never kept us from a solid sweater. Let’s get real now…

Irregular Choice is not only giving you a stellar deal, but they’re also donating 10% of each purchase to the Volunteers of America. Get in on giving back with all of their irregular goodies.

Nordstrom, despite being pricey mcprice tags, definitely has its redeeming qualities. Free shipping and returns. Insane variety. Jeffrey Campbell pumps for $100. Yes. Dive in to their labyrinth of a sale this weekend at

The Impossible Project also just released new t-shirts, and naturally they are all on sale, as well as all of their accessories. There’s nothing like celebrating a long weekend with a nifty photo series. Amiright?!

Forever 21, one of our favorite mass producers, has brought the “E-word” to this shin dig. 30% off EVERYTHING. Pick your jaw up off the floor and rack up on crop tops at

American Apparel has the word American in the name for crying out loud. If they’re not having a Memorial Day sale, what has this country come to? Pledge your allegiance.

Karmaloop is offering 25% off and a $25 voucher OR free shipping. Options. We like options. Plus they’ve got rad Adidas wear and matching two piece outfits.

Solestruck brings together Jeffrey Campbell, Jeremy Scott, and Dr. Martens. Let’s make this threesome into a foursome, shall we?

Modcloth helps us to get in touch with our softer side via precious silhouettes, accessories, and t-strap pumps. There’s nothing like a sale to help us put those spiked boots aside for a change. Get in touch with your feminine side at

Sephora has a wide range of handy essentials and kits on the sales rack this weekend. Whether you’re looking for a caviar manicure or new shades for summer, they’ve got you covered.

Polaroid is even getting in on the weekend action! Custom wood mounts are perfect to memorialize (get it?) all of your adventures, whether it be shopping, spending time with family, or however you decide to spend your holiday.

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