The Little Black Dress This Valentine’s

black dress: valentines

The little black dress- a well known concept passed down from our grandmothers to our mothers to us. What is it? Simply a black dress that makes you look HOT. It’s something to be dressed up or dressed down; an any occasion dress. What’s the best part to this ever-so versatile dress? It’s perfect to wear on Valentine’s Day! On Valentines, every girl wants to dress up and look her best, and black just so happens to be a very slimming and sexy color, so why not mix the two? Here’s a few dresses I’ve found that can be used for a dressy dinner or for just a cute rooftop picnic- whatever you may need it for. Wearing any of these will definitely cause your significant other’s jaw to drop. I’ve got a few tips for you when on the hunt for a little black dress to call your own:

  1. Make sure it’s black. Now that wasn’t hard, right? Nobody want’s to end up with a not-so-sexy grey dress.
  2. Find one that fits your body type. Dresses that come in at the waist are usually the best because they give you a waistline and a good hour glass shape.
  3. Make sure it’s in your price range! Yes, special occasions can call for some splurging, but if splurging isn’t an option, there’s ALWAYS another similar dress out there somewhere with a cheaper price tag!
  4. Make sure you love it. You don’t want to waste your money and efforts on something you hate seeing yourself in. You need to feel confident, beautiful, and HOT.




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