The Lipstick Guide

For some reason, the first 6 years of wearing makeup, I was scared of lipstick. There was just something about it. I put it on and thought I looked like a hooker, or a trout, or someone who just got collagen injections. I hated it. Then about a year ago I put my big girl pants on, bought a tube, and tried it out. I FELL IN LOVE. It is so freaking awesome! I mean honestly, lipstick is one of the best make up products you can use- it completes your look, and it’s so fun!

In the winter, I mostly stick to the classic red lip. Be careful of these, ladies! You have to pick the right shade for your skin tone. I am incredibly pale (thank you Irish lineage), so I stick to a really deep red. Dark shades look really great on pale skin, especially in this time of year. If you are a little bit tanner, then you should go for a bright red or fuschia-red.


In the spring I tend to play it up with a really bright color of salmon-ish orange (technical description I know) or a bright red. My favorite lipstick is Revlon’s “Volcanic”. If you are super pale like me, then this should look awesome on you! If you’re tan, then this may make you look more like a prostitute. Instead, for darker tones, try a ruby red or pink shade.

In my opinion, Revlon makes the best lipsticks, but feel free to try others! I’ve just had the best luck with that brand. If you’re willing to spend a little more, MAC has a great long lasting line of lipsticks that are really worth the cost. Regardless, every girl needs the staple colors: nude, a red, and a light pink that can be worn casually. For the rest of the colors, have fun with it! But please, stay away from greens and blacks and all that crap. That stuff was cool when you were going through your punk 8th grade phase but it really doesn’t work anymore. Sorry.

As a quick tip, if you are going to wear a bold lip color, take it easy on the eye makeup. A smoky eye and bright red lips aren’t the classiest look ever, so try to make the focus on one or the other.








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