So, it’s that time of year. The big V-Day. You want to get your significant other a gift to brag about that reflects your relationship in a positive manner; you don’t want to be that guy who forgot, or that girl who expected too much and only received a break-up. With this guide, you can expect to knock the socks right off your honey bunny.



On Valentines, the typical, uninteresting, unoriginal, uncaring mate would buy a bouquet of red roses with baby’s breath intertwined. Personally, I find red roses to be like a huge sign saying “LET’S HAVE SEX”- nobody wants that sort of thing to be shoved in their face…even if it is going to happen later that evening. The only reason you should buy a boring bouquet for this person who you claim to be your significant other is because its (A) Their favorite flower or (B) You don’t give two shits about them…and in that case, maybe a break up is well-deserved. But I digress, stray from the typical red roses and maybe try some of these flowers:

  • Zinnias

  • Sunflowers

  • Lillies

  • Calla Lillies

  • Orchids



The next big thing- Chocolate. It’s always seen as typical to give flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentines, but hey- this is your sweetheart we’re talking about here, not some $5 hooker. Do you want them to realize that they only mean $4.50 spent at Walmart last minute to you? No. Nonononono. I’m here to tell you that there ARE ways to get fancy with the chocolate without breaking the bank. Nobody wants to go broke due to this Hallmark holiday, especially when birthdays and spring break are just around the corner. Here’s a spin on the typical gift o’ chocolate:

  • One of my favorite places to go in Dallas- Dude, Sweet Chocolate. They really put a twist on chocolate- from
    100 Anos Reposado Chocolate Tequila sauce to a custom moulded anatomical heart made with two pounds of South American chocolate. Something from here would definitely spice up things between you and your significant other and show that you put some effort into this valentines present. To see their stuff go to  
  • I know this one may seem a tad weird if you’re not from Ohio, but nonetheless, Harry London’s Buckeyes are definitely something worth having- Valentines or not. They’re a mix of chocolate and peanut butter- but this is no ordinary Reese’s cup. Oh, no. Buckeyes are so much more, and that’s why they’re worth getting for Valentines. Plus, there’s so many in a box, you’re bound to be offered some. To find these, check out:
  • If you’re looking for something a little more on the cheap side, then there’s always the option of making a chocolate dessert! I know some of you folks may say “But I’m not the creative type…wahhwahhwahh”…yeah, okay, that’s cool and all, but it really doesn’t take Picasso of the kitchen to create something like this. Your first and easiest option would be to simply make cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. They all are easy to find pre-made at your local grocery store. But if you want to be a real Romeo (or Juliet), may I suggest taking it a step further. Figure out your boo-thang’s favorite form of chocolate as well as flavor. You can literally create anything! You can make fudge, cake pops, chocolate candy, ANYTHING. So, all you need to do is do some spouse stalking to see what they like and then search for a recipe online. I promise you, this is a sure-fire way to show your cutie pie how much they mean to you with this sentimental gift.
  • Lastly, for you wild or kinky couples out there, there’s now the option of chocolate (or other flavors) flavored whipped cream INFUSED with alcohol. Holy moly, I know. But, use this and who knows where things could go. DON’T MAKE THIS THE ONLY GIFT. I swear, if someone were to just hand me a bottle of this for Valentines, I’d slap the shit out of them….and then eat it all, because hey, it’s still chocolate, whipped cream and alcohol, which is the best mix. Annnyyyway though. So get something else that shows you’re not just wanting sexual interaction! I mean, it definitely goes great on alcoholic beverages, but still. STILL. Get something to go with it, or Mr. T will come out of nowhere and look at you and say “I pitty da fool” -SO DON’T BE THAT FOOL. Alright, I think you’ve got it. To find this whipped delight, check out:



So here’s one thing that might be a little tricky- a gift for your sweetie pie. Do you want to spend a lot of money or not? That’s the first question you’ve got to answer for yourself. Of course, jewelry is always great, but what if you aren’t ready to take that step? Some people consider expensive jewelry to be like taking the “next step” in a relationship. What if you’ve only been dating a short time? What if you’re broke? Here’s some options that’ll take you down the sentimental path and truly show your baby cakes what they mean to you. Unless you’re dating a gold digging Snookie-lookin’ piece-o-poo, then I can’t really help you there.

  • A mixed CD of their favorite songs, songs that remind you of them, or of course “your” songs- like that one song that came on the first time you met in that one place and blah blah blah. Yeah, that one. Make the CD personal. And please, please, PLEASE, don’t include songs like “Far Away” by Nickelback. He/She will dump you, no doubt. Instead, try something more along the lines of The Smiths, The Beatles, or even some cheesier ones like R. Kelly or Usher; nothing says “Happy Valentines” like ‘My Boo.’ I mean it though, don’t be afraid to go all over the spectrum with this one because if it’s a good mix, your sweet cheeks will get a good laugh while also thinking of cutesy memories between the two of you
  • An article of clothing. This can range anywhere from giving your girl a beautiful dress you think she’d look good in and leaving a note with it saying “Wear this tonight” …or even some kinky lingerie saying the exact same thing- you know more than I do about what would work best for your relationship. Or if you’re buying for a guy, figure out an article of clothing he likes the most, ie bow ties. Find a cute bow tie you know he’d like and tell him to wear it when the two of you are together on the big V-Day. 
  • A love letter. Love letters that are sweet and sentimental can really make a gal (or guy) smile. They sure do make me weak at the knees. Tell the person what they mean to you, things you want to do with them (like go on a picnic, see a movie, etc), and definitely…DEFINITELY customize it to suit your relationship! If you both have a sense of humor, don’t be afraid to toss some of that in there! Even bring up some inside jokes, compliment them, whatever! It’s a letter confessing your feelings for this person, so don’t hold back. A lot of things can go unsaid in relationships, so this will definitely let the other person know how you feel.


Take these tips and customize it to your relationship! Valentines is the one day of the year where you both let your love shine through in a relationship. SHOW SOME LOOOVVVEEE. MAKE LOVE IN DA CLUB. Okay, not really. That’s gross. But I hope you get what I’m saying. Appreciate each other, show your feelings for each other, and let each other know how much they truly mean to you!




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