The Dilemma: Guys At The Clubs

The Dilemma: Guys at the Clubs


            Imagine this scene: You are at the club with your girlfriends having an awesome time, just dancing away, when a guy comes up and starts grinding on you. You are particularly carefree tonight, so you let him. The night goes on, and he asks you for your number, so you think, “eh, whatever,” and you give it to him. He texts you the next day, y’all have lunch, and then he never talks to you again.

This happened to one of my friends, and it just proves a little point that I have: if you meet a guy at the club, it will NOT last. No exceptions. He is not going to be the one, he will not sweep you off of your feet, and he just wants someone to hook up with. Since you didn’t let him get exactly what he wanted, which, was basically his only intent, he refuses to talk to you again.

Guys at clubs are definitely an interesting breed of humans. They are usually tan, muscular, probably decently attractive, and love to grind with random chicks. A club guy will most likely be alone, or with a “wing man,” and he will go to clubs hoping to find a group of single girls, scout out a hot one, and then try to take her home. Why else would a guy go to a club alone? (Unless he’s gay. then that’s perfectly alright). You will see him fist pumping the night away, and when he asks you to dance; he’s either so attractive, or your drunk goggles are so foggy, that you simply cannot refuse.

When y’all meet up the next day, he will be funny, a little charming, 10 times more attractive in the daylight, and just an all around “cool” guy. Then, he will stop texting you. For no apparent reason, he will decide that you just aren’t worth his time anymore. Ladies, guys in clubs aren’t looking for anything in particular. They are typical douche bags who just want to see if they can get a girl. They aren’t going to be the future father of your children, or the prince charming of your dreams; it just isn’t going to happen,. So, the next time you go into a club, don’t be looking for guys. Granted, you can dance the night away with as many as you want to; just have fun with your friends, and stop worrying about “the one.” I PROMISE you he won’t be there.

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