Album Review: The Dan Ryan – Guidance


Album Review:

The Dan Ryan – Guidance 

by Trish Connelly 

Yearning for something beyond a grounded narrative, The Dan Ryan’s upcoming album, Guidance, takes their listeners on a multi-faceted journey through psychedelic realms and textural folk-ambience. Marking Chicago-native and Austin-based Nathan Dixey’s second release from Cosmic Dreamer, Guidance flows like intimate poetry, each track painting a vast, scenic landscape full of emotional conflict and transition. Dixey’s intentions resound strong with his opening track “Ring Them Bells (Carrion Crow)”, conjuring an unwavering voice resisting passivity alongside mesmerizing and tribal instrumentals. The Dan Ryan carry meditative chants and looping sonic soundscapes in their title track, navigating through cosmic territory by breaking borders and rising to reach monumental heights.

Freedom poses as a recurring theme in Guidance, the latter half of the album recognizing the conflicts of the limitless nature within oneself in “Oh Little One You Are Released” in conjunction with the active struggle to break free of shackles in “Release Me”. Dixey’s voice remains steady and luminous throughout, the backing band (from joint labelmates and Austin-based RF Shannon) bracing us for sonic flights and free-falls through ethereal and timeless terrains. “[A]ccepting change is at the core of Guidance, whether that change be within society, oneself, or witnessing a transformation in a loved one or a relationship,” remarks Dixey. By daring to explore the unknown, The Dan Ryan go beyond our immediate senses, breathing life and wonder into the metaphysical. You can purchase Guidance on vinyl come July 14th via Cosmic Dreamer. The Dan Ryan is also scheduled to play 10PM tomorrow night on Cheer Up Charlies’ outside rock wall stage, a fitting backdrop to Dixey’s striking soundscapes. Indie-folk songstress Julia Lucille will be starting the night off at 8PM, followed by Thor & Friends (of Swans, Shearwater). Melancholy haunts from singer-songwriters Hospital Ships, Marijuana Sweet Tooth and Cowboy Crisis will grace the inside stage at 11PM. Cover is a mere $5, bring your friends and RSVP here.




Trish Connelly is the Austin-based guru who does booking and promoting at Cheer Up Charlies under The Nothing Song. She’s always down to collaborate and plan a show or event in town. She’s an expert with mixtapes (for all musicians out there you’ll want to send her your stuff!), and making connections with the cool kids. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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