The Daddyo’s “Mr. Cool Guy” Music Video Premiere




The Daddyo’s united with us last week for their social media takeover on ANON Magazine, providing you with intimate and immediate updates on the making of their music video for their new single, “Mr. Cool Guy”. Getting a behind-the-scenes sneak peak and watching their visual and musical creativity come to fruition was an absolute delight. The Daddyo’s have a playful and honest vibe to them, and their music video reflects exactly that – the two bandmates, Kylie S. and Kylie H., play the role of wide-eyed and radiant girls, with an innocence reminiscent of carefree days spent with your best friend and desiring nothing more but each and every blissful moment to last forever. Their baby blue color scheme combined with a background of dazzling stars painted on the wall leap to your attention and alternate with kaleidoscopic sunlit images of the duo’s gleaming faces experimenting with expressions into the camera lens. The Daddyo’s lyrics are quite naturally how you would expect a young girl in love to feel, with the purest of emotions revealed (“I see hope in loving you”), yet bubbling with uncertainty around the edges (“don’t know why I feel bad”). The band presents a true DIY-feel to their video, right down to their end credits scrawled on lined notebook paper and colored markers. What The Daddyo’s capture on screen is a nostalgic escapade that urges us to forever remember and embrace our vivacious inner child.




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