Tele Novella Takeover!


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Tele Novella is an inspired macabre-pop band out of Austin, TX. They are dreamy, they are
spooky, and they write real fucking songs. While one may detect the influence of the nocturnal
jungles of Os Mutantes or the lapelled, knee-socked smarts of Belle and Sebastian, they have
cobbled together a special kind of mineral all their own worth making room on the Table of
Elements for. Earnest, yet sinister; Vampy, but sentimental. The precise recipe that goes into this
concoction cannot be revealed, but it is a delightful snow globe of warm, colorful darkness.

In 2014, they won a contest for free recording time at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, WA. This
resulted in their first single, ‘Trouble in Paradise,’ that was later featured in the ABC television
series ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Not long after that in 2015, their EP ‘Cosmic Dial Tone’ was released on
Los Angeles label Lollipop Records on the heels of a Wes Anderson tribute compilation (American
Laundromat Records), to which they contributed a contagiously glad version of ‘Stephanie Says’
by The Velvet Underground.

After a year of writing and recording, they will now finally unveil their much-anticipated debut LP
‘House of Souls’ to be released Fall of 2016 on Yellow Year Records, and it will be glorious!

Listen to Tele Novella’s ‘Heavy Balloon’ single on NPR’s All Things Considered 

Pre-order ‘House of Souls’ on Itunes

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9/22 – Denton/Dallas – OAKTOPIA FEST

9/24 – Nashville – Americano Festival

9/26 – Des Moines – Vaudeville Mews

9/27 – Iowa City – Gabe’s

9/29 – Milwaukee – Mad Planet

9/30 – Chicago – The Redline Tap Room

10/1 – Buffalo – Nietzsche’s

10/3 – Rochester – Vineyard Community Room

10/4 – Montreal – Divian Orange

10/5 – Burlington – Side Bar

10/6 – Boston – PA Lounge

10/7 – NYC – Shea Stadium

10/12 – Philly – Ortlieb’s

10/13 – Bethesda – Vilan & Saint

10/14 – Charlotte – Petra’s

10/15 – Asheville – Blue Ridge Room

10/18 – New Orleans – Gasa Gasa

10/19 – Beaufort – Red Room


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“…Influenced by equal parts Nancy Sinatra and The Virgin Suicides, combining classic ’60s
rhythms with macabre undertones. It’s the oddities of Beetlejuice meeting the collage-stylings of Rookie Mag, all drenched in darkness.” – SPIN
“If the Austin-based band Tele Novella isn’t on your radar yet, it should be.” -USA TODAY
“…forges together the members’ vintage records together in one stylistic heap, for a real cool
attitude sound.” – IMPOSE
“…powerful vocals complemented by dream-like vibes.” – Paste Magazine
” It’s cute, creepy and’s got that Tim Burton cool done through Tele Novella’s spaghetti-Western ready trademark sound.” – The Deli Austin
“tight harmonies and intricate melodies recall the baroque pop of Belle and Sebastian circa
Dear Catastrophe Waitress, or the tube-amp cool of Holly Golightly.” – Flagpole Magazine


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