Technicolor Hearts’ “Would You Come Back to Me?”



Austin presents a warm home to creative electric dream-pop darlings Technicolor Hearts. Comprised of songwriter and vocalist Naomi Cherie and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Salazar, Technicolor Hearts knows how to weave soaring soundscapes and dazzling imagery into their music videos, as shown in their most recent “Would You Come Back to Me?”. Their video has a psychedelic 70’s feel to it, warping imagery and neon colors together in a blended and dazzling affair. The lyrics are subtle, with the main spotlight being on Cherie’s delicate and ethereal vocals and Salazar’s guitar solo intensifying the track mid-way through. Completing the video within a single night, the duo went for a more artistic DIY route compared to their previous music videos, playing with different editing techniques and styles. Throughout the video, Cherie questions whether her lover will return back to her, the last fleeting image displaying lovers embracing together suggests the optimistic nature of their melodic sensibilities. Technicolor Hearts keep busy playing shows just as much outside Austin as they do within the city, and you can be on the lookout for their next EP encompassing a somewhat darker and organic version of what their audience may be familiar with.



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