Tall Ships: Everything Touching (Review)


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Tall Ships – Everything Touching:

Hailing from the UK, the math rock outfit Tall Ships finally released their debut album Everything Touching last October after teasing us all with a couple EPs over the past couple of years, and they have not disappointed, with a piece of art truly unique. Their sound is commonly referred to as math rock, or melodic hardcore, reminiscent of their fellow Big Scary Monsters label artist Minus the Bear, but I’m not so convinced.

The beginning two or three tracks stick to math rock basics, ironic enough as the title of the song “T=0” is in essence an equation, with a quick pace and playful, repeating guitar riffs as each song crescendos into the next. Despite the familiar intro, the album strikes me as an experiment, or a piece of art. I picked it up on bandcamp about a month ago and instantly recognized the ambiguity of their sound in the sense that it is truly one of a kind, sounding like a cross between Maps & Atlases and Two Door Cinema Club.

The ten tracks on the album are mostly instrumental, reminding me of the beauty of Explosions in the Sky, with a sound that I like to describe as innocent; beautiful, soft, loving. But the real beauty of Everything Touching stems from song evolution. Where a song starts is rarely where it ends. For example, “Ode to Ancestors” starts off with a slow, dreamy piano synth melody, but halfway through the track the pace quickens with a steady bass drum cadence and the guitar picks up into a full sprint.

If you’re a fan of Big Scary Monsters, bands like Minus the Bear, math rock, indie, songs that inspire you to love somebody, world peace or just good music in general then definitely check these guys out.

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