• Artists On Our Radar: Annah Hughes

    Photographer & Art Director: Annah Hughes Model: Chloe Waggett   Annah Hughes is a 22 year old visual artist based in the UK. She graduated in art direction, photography and graphic design from the Manchester School of Art. Her focus lies in photographing real women in the real world, capturing their unique and distinct personalities, innocence and depth through intimate images. The idea behind her photoshoot was to explore the concept of individual’s versatile appearances, concentrating on the human form and aesthetics in a series of intimate photos.                              

  • Isle in the Fog

    Visual Artist / Designer / Photographer: Joanne Jones ( Instagram )    Joanne Jones’ series “Isle in the Fog” was shot at Coney Island on Kodak Portra 800 in August, 2017. It’s a contemplative look at a place that blurs the line between our dreams and our reality, our pasts and our present.              

  • Artist on our Radar: Gabriele Puglisi

    Artist: Gabriele Puglisi ( Instagram )    Gabriele Puglisi is a visual artist and poet based in Verona, Italy, combining both mediums through an often mysterious and ambiguous vision. His art tells stories or sometimes merely a gesture. He published his first collection of poems entitled “I’ve Been Hoodwinked by the Scent of Roses” via Albatros as well as chosen as the Ambassador for the Arte e Laguna Prize (an important cultural and artistic prize in the city of Venice). Puglisi has also been published in Fisheye Magazine.            

  • The Price of a Black Life in America

    Photographer/Visual Artist: Ina Lounguine   Ina Lounguine is a Ukrainian visual artist. She was born in 1993 in Odessa. Being the youngest child in a family of social activists and intellectuals, she has been raised with great curiosity and awareness. She graduated the Tavricheskaya Art School of Saint-Petersburg and just recently mastered in Esthetics and Culture at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts. Ina’s body of work aims to trigger political and social debates and encourage dialogue. Using visual metaphors, she creates scenery for matters she wishes to bring attention to, such as racism, drug use, and gun violence Her current work, “The Price of a Black Life in America”, sprung…


    John Hurley is an 18 year old visual artist from Bumfuck, Louisiana with a good eye and big dreams. He has a dry sense of humor and a slick demeanor. After graduating from a small conservative Catholic high school this past May, Hurley plans to move the hell away to New Orleans to study film at UNO until he gets bored with it. He runs a Instagram feed that features his digital art. Currently, he is embarking on an ambitious collaborative art endeavor with friends and strangers from all around the country. Far from conventional and even further from stale, Hurley is most definitely an artist to be familiar with,…

  • Jennifer Hayes: What Lurks in the Shadows

    Jennifer Hayes, a visual artist from Western MA, captures beauty and detail with her impeccable photography skills. Weirdness and remembrance tie together to reveal stunning shots and silhouettes. This summer she is exploring America by car and plans to capture every moment of it (and film it as well).                                      

  • Treasures

      Treasures was a devised performance piece incorporating mask and puppets.  The piece was originally developed as part of The Cave installation.    A group show, The Cave was presented at Frontrunner Gallery March 16th-31st, 2012. Produced by Corinne Beardsley, 20 artists and performers built a cave out of cardboard and wheat pasting newsprint to paint, draw, install sculpture, soundscapes, and host performances of music and theater. The show inhabited two spaces at 59 Franklin St. – a 400 square foot gallery, and its project space in the deep caverns of the building. The audience discovered the dark spaces using crafted flashlight torches. The Cave was a post-apocalyptic space that had been abandoned…

  • Layers and Stitches

    Based out of Toronto, visual artist Frances Sousa has been featured in ADONE Magazine, Pudge Magazine, as well as had her work displayed at The Black Cat art gallery in Toronto, Canada.   By using a variety of patterns and textures, Sousa succeeds in creating rich depth and near tangibility in her artwork. The resonance of soft pastel colors and an original choice in material draw forth a sense of nostalgia, as shown in the following four pieces.   You can discover more of Sousa’s artwork on her Tumblr page.   Landscapes   Untitled   Overlap #7   Free Stitch