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Masochistic Masterpieces: Rhinestone

Masochistic Masterpieces: Rhinestone

"You'd have thought we all got together and decided how we could fastest ruin our careers." - Sylvester Stallone when asked about the film years later
Halloween Visuals Mixtape 2019

Halloween Visuals Mixtape 2019

Anon Magazine 2019 Halloween Visuals Mixtape Looking for something to throw up on a screen while kicking it with friends while tossing candy to snot nose punks? Anon has got you covered. “Life has been frustratingly short on available time to do much in the way of creative outputs as of late so for the...
Ak'chamel: A Mysterious Collective

Ak’chamel: A Mysterious Collective

  Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness, are a music collective based out of Texas. Blending together audio and visual elements in textured shadows and overlaps, they aim to stimulate your senses in the most haunting and surreal way. Their most recent project, “My Form Has Been Extinguished”, is a 60 minute VHS film that follows...

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