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High Fashion Halloween: DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party!!!!!!

High Fashion Halloween: DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party!!!!!!

If Jackson Montgomery Schwartz does not top your list of favorite fashion artists then obviously you have yet to see any of his work. Everyone else feels pale and tired after looking through one of his photo shoots. Jackson is one of the rare ones to understand fashion can be cool, it can feel alive,...
Interview with a Glampire

Interview with a Glampire

  Models: Felix Lenz + Laura Minor Photographer: Sloane Lenz Wardrobe: THIS IS SLOANE – Collection 7 Shot in Montgomery, Alabama, Interview with a Glampire unravels a gamble and balance of good luck versus bad luck, of characters being a little out of their element and forced to reckon with the situation.      ...
Watch Out... Sloane Lenz Is Taking Over!

Watch Out… Sloane Lenz Is Taking Over!

Carrie Bickley (Calliope Musicals) shot by Thom Washburn wearing This Is Sloane Sloane Lenz is a 21 year old avant-garde fashion designer living in Austin, TX. Growing up mostly in the rural town of Athens, Texas, she began creating unusual pieces for herself to wear, made from materials she could source at her local hardware...

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