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"Air Supply" || ahem

“Air Supply” || ahem

Photo: Taylor Donskey   After a two year hiatus, Minneapolis trio ahem is back with an upcoming EP, Chutes and Ladders, due June 22nd on Forged Artifacts. An energetic five track record just in time to pair with the optimism of the coming summer, ahem draws forth an underground punk spirit with infectious power pop...
Review: Sidewave's Glass Giant Is a Welcoming Homage to 90's Space-Rock

Review: Sidewave’s Glass Giant Is a Welcoming Homage to 90’s Space-Rock

  Just when you think 90’s bands like Hum and Stone Temple Pilots have lost their stronghold in this day and age, think again. Sidewave, stemming from high-school friendships and stumbled across Craigslist ads, blends experimental textures, heavy percussion with melodic guitar, and the result is a phenomenal throwback to 90’s space-rock while still maintaining...
Jacco Gardner's "Hypnophobia" Review

Jacco Gardner’s “Hypnophobia” Review

  From the moment I began Jacco Gardner’s new single ‘Hypnophobia’, I immediately felt as if I had been transported to a different time and place.  In this psychosis, I am wearing a dashiki and bobbing my head to new sounds being played over the radio. Except, this is 2015, and Jacco Gardner’s new single...
Prinzhorn Dance School's "Reign" Review

Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Reign” Review

  In Cambridge, Massachusetts there exists a club called TT the Bear’s Place. On Saturday nights this strange little hole in the wall is home to literally the best thing ever: new wave dance music, primarily from the 80’s. I spent some of my best Boston nights raving to remixes of Iggy Pop, the Cure,...
Single Review: Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren's "Fiend"

Single Review: Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren’s “Fiend”

  In general, I don’t care for electronic music. But every now and then I’m enticed by the dramatic drops, distorted vocals, and hauntingly catchy beats that define some of today’s better electro-pop. Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren’s freaky-awesome “Fiend” is one such example – and I can’t get it out of my head. “Fiend” is...
Review: Ryley Walker's "Sweet Satisfaction"

Review: Ryley Walker’s “Sweet Satisfaction”

  When I typed Ryley Walker’s name into Google for a little context before writing this review, the first thing that came up was an NPR Music writeup about Walker’s latest album, Primrose Green. Its author praises Walker’s use of acoustic-electric guitar riffs to create an unplugged sound that’s more punk rock than coffee shop....

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