• New Video: Attic Ted – “Skip to the Lulu”

    Calling all fans of straight-to-video, filmed on videocassette horror; Attic Ted have something special lined up for you. "Skip to the Lulu" is directed by Jeffrey Garcia who kicks up nostalgic dust of Cannibal Cookout, The Video Dead, and Video Violence. Without leaning towards schlock humor the way Scott Barber did on Roky Moon's memorable "Creatures of the Night," this video embodies the weird yet serious methodos of Attic Ted– a notable balance to say the least. This is the first look at their new album Kafka Dreaming which will be out later this week.

  • Nickelodeon’s The Orange Years: Not Just Another History Documentary

      For those of us growing up as kids in the 80’s and 90’s, the mention of Nickelodeon brings back a flood of nostalgic memories, from tuning in past our bedtimes to gleefully indulge in SNICK’s late night shows, to having Clarissa explain life’s daily and confusing intricacies to immersing ourselves in Rocko and Heffer’s surreal world. But how did the rise and triumph of this network come to be? For a network that succeeded in touching so many generations and individuals, filmmakers’ Adam Sweeney and Scott Barber aim to explore and dig deep into the heart of Nickelodeon with interviews and stories straight from the mouths of those who…