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New Video: Casey Seymour - "Installations"

New Video: Casey Seymour – “Installations”

No one should be surprised by the well-deserved hype going Casey Seymour's way as the tickled ear smile crosses those first listening through his Hidden Hills EP. All that nice-guys-finish-last propaganda is simply not true; good people surface slowly with namasteic wholesome warmth so as to be less dramatic in how they get there is...
New Video: Attic Ted - "I Need A Holiday 2020"

New Video: Attic Ted – “I Need A Holiday 2020”

Most years it is a fifty/fifty split between storm clouds and optimistic light breaking around the edges; there is time to laugh; we can band together to keep each other sane and lifted. This year has made jaded cynics of us all. Turns out when you have enough free time on your hands to watch...
Video Premier: Crocodile Tears - "Tuned Out"

Video Premier: Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

Crocodile Tears make date music for the blank generation, cruising music for the down and outs,  and are about as safe as good rock n roll can get. If this were 1980 they would rule the world.
Annabelle Chairlegs: New Video | Tour Dates

Annabelle Chairlegs: New Video | Tour Dates

With the announcement of Annabelle Chairlegs heading out on tour with Black Joe Lewis comes the Vanessa Pla directed video for “Candle Apple Red." This band has been creeping in on world domination for like six years now continually leaving us with the same question as always; where the hell is the new album?!?!?...
New Video: Attic Ted - "Skip to the Lulu"

New Video: Attic Ted – “Skip to the Lulu”

Calling all fans of straight-to-video, filmed on videocassette horror; Attic Ted have something special lined up for you. "Skip to the Lulu" is directed by Jeffrey Garcia who kicks up nostalgic dust of Cannibal Cookout, The Video Dead, and Video Violence. Without leaning towards schlock humor the way Scott Barber did on Roky Moon's memorable...
NEW VIDEO: Fanclub - "Uppercut"

NEW VIDEO: Fanclub – “Uppercut”

Directed by the amazing Shannon Wiedemeyer, shot and edited by Vanessa Pla, featuring Alyssa Golden. This "Uppercut" vid obviously deepens our already endless love for Fanclub. They remain flawless.

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