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New Video: Baby - "Gummie Candie"

New Video: Baby – “Gummie Candie”

Something about the "Gummie Candie" video from Baby reminds us that we should probably start bracing ourselves for the Texas heat which is due to start scorching our lives into sweaty dust at any moment now. What a fun chill video for an equally passively positive song.
New Video: The Bright Light Social Hour - "Guillotine Billionaires/Responsibility"

New Video: The Bright Light Social Hour – “Guillotine Billionaires/Responsibility”

In internet time, having come out two weeks ago, the latest Bright Light Social Hour video is old news. Sue us for finally pulling it up this weekend. While we are intrigued by going longwinded on the band created short film for “Guillotine Billionaires and Responsibility” we respect you as freethinking individuals who can come...
New Video(s): Lord Friday the 13th - "Bigots Beware"

New Video(s): Lord Friday the 13th – “Bigots Beware”

Marking the first single from their Irrational Anthem EP, Lord Friday the 13th are celebrating with the release of THREE(!) videos for "Bigots Beware." Hey, with this extra time on our collective hands, at least they are putting it to good use. All we have been doing is refusing to put on pants while watching...
New Video: Loteria - "Rhythm Revue"

New Video: Loteria – “Rhythm Revue”

For those who might be unfamiliar; when someone says "Austin music," either with acute awareness or down on the collective subconscious level, they are talking about Loteria. 
New Video: Dena Hope - "Stay"

New Video: Dena Hope – “Stay”

Mentally synth. Viscerally glam. Dena Hope's video for "Stay" is one hundred percent pop in as comfortable and relaxed sense possible. It is all looks and lighting on this Samara Simpson directed experience.
New Video: Calliope Musicals - "Color/Sweat"

New Video: Calliope Musicals – “Color/Sweat”

As with the 2019 album in which this is the title track from, we witness here yet another moment where Calliope Musicals prove to us they have an acute grasp on their collective output; stunning us by their growth and intriguing us along with their familiarity. Truly the band, their music, and this Jerry Sparkman...
New Video: Dry Guy - "Something To Do"

New Video: Dry Guy – “Something To Do”

Disaffected. Restless. Malcontent. If the collective unconscious had a talent beyond stoking the coals beneath our neurosis and honing in on the malaise of our be-here-now reality—learning bass perhaps, possibly figuring out how to structure a few minutes of noise—then no doubt in this foul-year-of-our-lord-Lemmy, "Something To Do," the quarantine inspired video from Dry Guy,...
New Music Video: Holy Wave - "I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore"

New Music Video: Holy Wave – “I’m Not Living in the Past Anymore”

...nails their simplistic aesthetic in craft while still feeling orgiastic in creativity. Basically, business as usual for this band who have been around just long enough to start being grandfathered in as the torchbearers of the Austin ideology.
New Music Video: Lo Country - "Black Cloud"

New Music Video: Lo Country – “Black Cloud”

Lo Country have been keeping their heads down for far too long, this first bite out of their upcoming full-length definitely has us interested. Then again, anyone who has spent ten minutes around Lo Country in the flesh already knows they are about the nicest buncha dropouts you could kick dirt with which should already...
Video Premier: Pelican Johnny - "Givin' Up On You"

Video Premier: Pelican Johnny – “Givin’ Up On You”

Shot straight to tape by Andy Gately, the new video for Pelican Johnny's "Givin' Up On You" is a visceral slice of hot n ready nineties reverence. The single itself is a solid balance between the sounds he often finds himself swaying between making it as good of song as any at allowing those new...
New Music Video: The Sun Machine - "Drugs"

New Music Video: The Sun Machine – “Drugs”

"Drugs" from their upcoming Schizo Pop, is resigned in all the good ways. A vibe over dance massaging of the same nerves as "Higher" from The Memories. This fitting lighthearted video was directed by Chandler Jowell.
Music Video: Moron's Morons - "Addicted to Homicide"

Music Video: Moron’s Morons – “Addicted to Homicide”

Without an official release date other than "out soon" from Slovenly Records, let us for the moment breathe once more the air of anticipation from this Michał Mitoraj directed video for "Addicted to Homicide." Things are looking big for scuzzy rock n roll this year; Moron's Morons and Slovenly Records in general look to be...
Video Premier: Crocodile Tears - "Tuned Out"

Video Premier: Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

Crocodile Tears make date music for the blank generation, cruising music for the down and outs,  and are about as safe as good rock n roll can get. If this were 1980 they would rule the world.
New Music Video: The Sun Machine - "Cumbia de Lagrimas"

New Music Video: The Sun Machine – “Cumbia de Lagrimas”

Austin's teen sensation hearthrobs The Sun Machine are out to prove there is more to junior high than homework and sleepovers. They do a damn fine job at doing just that on their latest grindcore/dreampop hit "Cumbia la Lagrimas."
Annabelle Chairlegs: New Video | Tour Dates

Annabelle Chairlegs: New Video | Tour Dates

With the announcement of Annabelle Chairlegs heading out on tour with Black Joe Lewis comes the Vanessa Pla directed video for “Candle Apple Red." This band has been creeping in on world domination for like six years now continually leaving us with the same question as always; where the hell is the new album?!?!?...
New Video: Thelma and the Sleaze - "Pain"

New Video: Thelma and the Sleaze – “Pain”

Thelma and the Sleaze have been on that slow grind up for way too long! Let us hope one of the most worthy bands around finally see their constant wild ride live shows and ripping slow burn noise get them the sustained respectability they deserve when this full length which me, you, and everyone we...
New Music Video: Willie Nelson - "Immigrant Eyes"

New Music Video: Willie Nelson – “Immigrant Eyes”

to lay at our feet this somber, soft-spoken, heartbreaking melody of remembrance and reason at a time in our collective history where we need it as much, if not more, than ever. Sing us home Willie. Hold us as we nurse our wounds. Guide us once more to boldly remember the truth in our current...
New Video: Teenage Cavegirl - "Space Girl"

New Video: Teenage Cavegirl – “Space Girl”

Jesus Christ, someone send this video to every confused twelve year old before they mistakenly subscribe to Guitar World and start off down that disappointing path of Incubus respect which somehow leads to Steve Vai. There is room in this town for every facet of cool but if you are going to try, you...
New Video: Attic Ted - "Skip to the Lulu"

New Video: Attic Ted – “Skip to the Lulu”

Calling all fans of straight-to-video, filmed on videocassette horror; Attic Ted have something special lined up for you. "Skip to the Lulu" is directed by Jeffrey Garcia who kicks up nostalgic dust of Cannibal Cookout, The Video Dead, and Video Violence. Without leaning towards schlock humor the way Scott Barber did on Roky Moon's memorable...
NEW VIDEO: Fanclub - "Uppercut"

NEW VIDEO: Fanclub – “Uppercut”

Directed by the amazing Shannon Wiedemeyer, shot and edited by Vanessa Pla, featuring Alyssa Golden. This "Uppercut" vid obviously deepens our already endless love for Fanclub. They remain flawless.
NEW VIDEO: Amyl and the Sniffers - "Got You"

NEW VIDEO: Amyl and the Sniffers – “Got You”

Director Triana Hernandez has a full grasp on the image the band is building their dominance on, with a minimalist shot on videocassette approach we get Wake in Fright vibes that neither skew Amyl and the Sniffers in the slightest from focus on the song itself while solidifying what anyone who has caught them live...
New Video: Amyl and the Sniffers - Monsoon Rock

New Video: Amyl and the Sniffers – Monsoon Rock

As for this moment here now Amyl and the Sniffers are everything.
Borzoi's "Big Pink"

Borzoi’s “Big Pink”

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram   In today’s bombardment of social media and endless clicking and scrolling, creativity often gets lost amidst the mass of noise, apparently missing its mark if it’s not promoted while it’s hot. Following up to last year’s Surrender The Farm EP, Austin’s punk trio Borzoi’s upcoming full length, A Prayer for...
Lake of Fire Music Video Premiere: Crater

Lake of Fire Music Video Premiere: Crater

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram   Delving deep into experimental territory with rock and psych influences, Austin’s very own Lake of Fire have crafted an amalgam of sounds into one solid debut LP, Crater, released today on Fishbum Records. Their official video (citing the same title as their LP) was shot in Texas’ expansive landscape...
Release Day: Routine Death's Parallel Universes

Release Day: Routine Death’s Parallel Universes

  Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden and Austin, Texas, married couple Dustin (of psych-pop outfit Holy Wave) and Lisa Zozaya’s newly crafted project Routine Death feels anything but conventional. Their debut album Parallel Universes is out today and features a distinct soundscape of both the gritty and the ethereal, an array of glitching pulses intertwined...
Suuns' "Look No Further" Music Video

Suuns’ “Look No Further” Music Video

Photo by Joe Yarmush Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   Montreal quartet Suuns‘ latest music video release for “Look No Further” is based on director Lorraine Price’s (“Last Woman Standing”, “Inside These Walls”) footage from Werner Herzog’s workshop in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba, 2017. Using non-professional actors, the children in the...
Protomartyr's "Wheel of Fortune" Music Video Featuring Kelley Deal

Protomartyr’s “Wheel of Fortune” Music Video Featuring Kelley Deal

Facebook || Bandcamp   Good news for us Protomartyr fans this week — the band announced the release of their Consolation E.P., out on June 15th via Domino Recording Co. Joining vocals with Joe Casey on two of the four tracks is Kelley Deal of The Breeders, a creative and collaborative spark they wanted to...
No Joy Instagram Takeover

No Joy Instagram Takeover

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Bandcamp   Often we tend to get caught up in the comfort of knowing just what to expect from a band, whether with their live performance or with forthcoming albums. No Joy is a band that has managed to pleasantly surprise their audience since their inception in 2009 to...
Band Preview: LOMA

Band Preview: LOMA

Photo: Bryan C. Parker   Having toured together back in 2016, Loma is the result of the unusual music chemistry between indie-rock band Shearwater and post-rock band Cross Record. While Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg is known for more of an expressive, whirling vocal style, accompanied by heavy synth and chord progressions, Cross Record’s Emily Cross is...
La Luz's SXSW Instagram Takeover

La Luz’s SXSW Instagram Takeover

Photo Credit: Vikesh Kapoor   Currently based in Los Angeles’ duality of sunny dispositions and dark illusions, La Luz has crafted something special since their inception in 2012. Comprised of singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, drummer Marian Li Pino, keyboardist Alice Sandahl, and bassist Lena Simon, the band’s surf-rock infested and reverb-drenched melodies maintain a haunting infectiousness...
Shenandoah Davis' "The Wings" Music Video

Shenandoah Davis’ “The Wings” Music Video

Website || Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Despite the ephemeral nature of music, Shenandoah Davis‘ 2017 album Souvenirs feels like a distinguished and intimate  keepsake you want to hold dear. With unabashed lyrics and vulnerable introspection, Davis perfects the art of honing in on subtle yet significant moments and memories that ring a...
Lou Rebecca's "Tonight"

Lou Rebecca’s “Tonight”

  Simultaneously an emblem of the past and a curtain drawn open towards the future, Lou Rebecca’s uncanny pop sensibilities are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. With her delicate, silky voice enticing you in both English and her native French, Lou’s inherent knack for captivating performances and choreography have immediately won over audiences in...
The Darts' Instagram Takeover!

The Darts’ Instagram Takeover!

Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Already on the public’s radar before their first self-titled EP release, psych-rock act The Darts are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Stemming from both Phoenix and Los Angeles, the quartet’s desert psych sound digs up influences from Austin’s The Black Angels as well as honing in on...
Marlon Williams' New Music Video "Vampire Again"

Marlon Williams’ New Music Video “Vampire Again”

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick   Despite channeling his idea during a crisp Halloween night in Los Angeles, Marlon Williams‘ latest music video for “Vampire Again” feels entirely welcome at any time of the year.  Having released his debut record off Dead Oceans in early 2016, New Zealand’s singer/songwriter Williams paints an aurally infectious and humorous...
Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer's "Exordium/Outgrown"

Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer’s “Exordium/Outgrown”

  Inhabiting a sonic space that melds mind and machine, Thomas Echols’ evocatively titled project Man, Woman, Friend, Computer is an exploration of ambient textures and moods. Introspective and meandering, each tracks plays out as a living, breathing entity. When Echols, a classically trained guitarist, reconnected with former student Yuliya Tsukerman, he discovered a mutual...
Music Video Review: Sun Abduction's "Acid Pyramid"

Music Video Review: Sun Abduction’s “Acid Pyramid”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   A gracious addition to the psychedelic rock scene, Brooklyn-based quartet Sun Abduction are bound for a west coast tour in anticipation of their recently released singles, “Acid Pyramid / Pale Rider”, as well as prepping for their upcoming debut LP. Directed by Robert Hickerman, their music video for “Acid...
Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush's "Dating Game 3000"

Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush’s “Dating Game 3000”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   If you’re not one to take the hyped up consumerist holiday too seriously, Sundae Crush have just the gift in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Premiering their glitter-filled hyper-pasteled music video for “Dating Game 3000”, the band delights in creating a futuristic game show competition straight out of...
Music Videos On Our Radar

Music Videos On Our Radar

The Daddyo’s – “I Ain’t No Prize” Bandcamp || Facebook   The melding of minds is obvious in The Daddyo’s, who have been writing songs together since their adolescent years. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kylie Slabby and Kylie Hastings’ recently released EP, Or Worse (released a year after their previous cleverly titled EP, Better), is chock...
Chelsea Wolfe Takeover!

Chelsea Wolfe Takeover!

Photo by Nico Turner   With musical talent running in her blood, Chelsea Wolfe continues to push the boundaries of rigid genres to craft something entirely personal and genuine. Growing up in California with musically-inclined parents, Wolfe composed her first series of songs on her mother’s classical guitar and immersed herself in her father’s studio,...
Where Are Your Friends: BUHU's "Youth Is Breaking" Music Video

Where Are Your Friends: BUHU’s “Youth Is Breaking” Music Video

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Growing up and merging into adulthood can take on a vast array of forms, which tends to reach a breaking point when we cling onto the last fraying threads of excess and self-indulgence for as long as we can rather than maturing and taking responsibility for our...
Halloween Hauntings: No Men's "Stay Dumb" Music Video

Halloween Hauntings: No Men’s “Stay Dumb” Music Video

  Ripe for the season, Chicago-based punk band No Men’s music video for their single “Stay Dumb” is a welcome homage to the Italian giallo trash thriller films of the ’70s. Combining elements of excessively fun gore and blood-splatter with a mysterious serial killer that leaves your senses tingling until the very end, No Men...
Music Video Premiere: We Are Temporary's "Give Me More" Meets Sexual Innocence With Utmost Dread

Music Video Premiere: We Are Temporary’s “Give Me More” Meets Sexual Innocence With Utmost Dread

  A one man army, We Are Temporary instills a jarring balance between mysterious and murky dark depths and clean-cut clarity. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Mark Roberts combines elements of electronic, dream-pop, minimal techno and goth music to represent his own artistic craft with existential undertones throughout. Drawing comparisons to acts like early Skinny...
A Daydream From Another Planet: River Jones' Official Music Video For "Pure"

A Daydream From Another Planet: River Jones’ Official Music Video For “Pure”

  Collaborative chance encounters are always thriving in the city of Austin, Texas. Back in June, River Jones partnered with local indie pop band Tele Novella for a music video shoot they had scheduled and just so happened to meet Lorelei Linklater, director Richard Linklater’s daughter. Both Jones and Linklater spent the day decked out...
Maija Sofia's "Stains" is a Beautiful Reflection on Transitory States

Maija Sofia’s “Stains” is a Beautiful Reflection on Transitory States

  Maija Sofia isn’t one to let go of her artistic reins — her single “Stains” off her debut EP The Sugar Sea was self-written, recorded and produced and Sofia also took command in directing her music video. The Dublin-based indie folk songstress captured the track’s solemn mood on a foggy and dreary day by...
Half Waif Takeover!

Half Waif Takeover!

  It seems that everything Half Waif encompasses, they do so wholeheartedly and with utmost intimacy. Brooklyn-based project Half Waif, the musical vision of Nandi Rose Plunkett, released her debut LP KOTEKAN in 2014, followed by her sophomore release Probable Depths this past May via DZ Tapes. Plunkett’s heritage stems from a conglomeration of Indian/Irish/Swiss/American...
Bands On Our Radar: Paper Spook

Bands On Our Radar: Paper Spook

  Just like kicking back with your old friend, Berlin-based duo Paper Spook like to indulge in cheap wine, fatty tofu burgers, and lots of terrible guilty pleasure TV shows. The band started playing together in 2015 and have already landed themselves a second EP entitled “Teenage Nightmare”, set to be released both digitally and...
Bands On Our Radar: Muff's "East Side Love"

Bands On Our Radar: Muff’s “East Side Love”

  Welcome to the world of Muff, consisting of four pals that play catchy fuzz pop tunes together. Muff was first discovered at a house party in San Marcos, TX, back in 2014. The band has gained enormous strides since, releasing “An EP” recorded by Mich White of dogfight! recs in 2015, and recently released...
Free Free Dom Dom's "Fifteen Berlin"

Free Free Dom Dom’s “Fifteen Berlin”

You may recall Berlin-based band Free Free Dom Dom’s previous music video for “FFDD” that we featured a few months ago. The duo returns with their most recent music video entitled “Fifteen Berlin”, a DIY visual metaphor for those struggling and battling through depression. Members Little Voice and Philippe Duval were feeling in a funk...
Technicolor Hearts' "Would You Come Back to Me?"

Technicolor Hearts’ “Would You Come Back to Me?”

  Austin presents a warm home to creative electric dream-pop darlings Technicolor Hearts. Comprised of songwriter and vocalist Naomi Cherie and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Salazar, Technicolor Hearts knows how to weave soaring soundscapes and dazzling imagery into their music videos, as shown in their most recent “Would You Come Back to Me?”. Their video has a...
SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

  Upon listening to Tacocat, you can’t help but dance and groove along to their energetic power pop-punk tunes. Self described as “feminist sci-fi”, Tacocat’s quirky melodies and tongue in cheek feminist lyrics were a breath of fresh air last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Vocalist Emily Nokes took a moment to answer some...

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