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Justin Waters Takes On the 2020 Oscars

Justin Waters Takes On the 2020 Oscars

Are we so limited that we cannot simply love two separate movies? Sometimes I feel like watching The Godfather. Sometimes I feel like watching Predator. Oh, one of them has an Oscar? Guess I am the idiot for finding both great in their own way. Thank god someone was there to tell me which was...
Film Review: Bong Joon-ho - "Parasite"

Film Review: Bong Joon-ho – “Parasite”

Parasite ultimately expresses the faceted characteristics in ourselves as a healthy balance, the possibilities and pendulum swings from one emotion and style of thinking to another defining us as complex individuals; Bong Joon-ho shows us the balance which can be created within the house of ourselves. Then in his typical unique way shows what happens...
Film Review: Peeping Tom

Film Review: Peeping Tom

When film grabs you, it never really lets you go.

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