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Reviews: Singles We're Spinning

Reviews: Singles We’re Spinning

Kane Strang – “Things Are Never Simple”   Kane Strang’s debut album, Blue Cheese, was recorded in solitude in Strang’s hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand while house-sitting for his parents. His second track off his upcoming album, “Things Are Never Simple”, is poppy and animated, complete with bouncy guitar riffs and snapping drum beats. The...
Mixtape Monday: Forgotten Letters

Mixtape Monday: Forgotten Letters

  glow – vvait Slushee – Dinosaurs Brokeback City – Fuzzcake PKD – I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream Full Moon, Hungry Sun – Kane Strang Smother Me – Bellyache NY Girls – SuperCrashingStar Reprise – Rareluth  

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