• Never Like Tuesdays // Femme

    Artist: Juliette Hayt ( Instagram ) Juliette Hayt is a painter, illustrator and writer based in New York City. Her art is extremely diaristic and draws inspiration from her feelings of anxiety, love, sadness, longing and abandonment. Hayt’s series for “Never Like Tuesdays” explores mental and emotional states through the use of the color yellow. Relating yellow to the universal color of happiness, Hayt’s paintings use yellow as a way for her to comprehend the definition of happiness. As a painter, she questions if it’s possible to impose a visceral reaction upon the view that suggests distress while using yellow, and using color to manipulate its meaning in a way…

  • Juliette Hayt Art

    New York painter Juliette Hayt’s work involves intricate and complex detail, delving into a subconscious world of the surreal and emotional. Hayt’s fascination with human nature and the state of the subconscious reveals itself in her dream-like paintings and art work. You can view more of her paintings and drawings on her website, as well as on her Instagram.