• Artists On Our Radar: Sue Gent

    Website || Instagram || Facebook   Sue Gent is an illustrator based near Bristol, UK. She is inspired by mythology, history and the natural world, and her work combines traditional techniques such as linocut, screen-printing, pen and ink, and painting with software to create bold and colorful illustrations. She works mainly in editorial illustration, and recently completed cover designs for author Joanne M. Harris, among others. With a background in film-making (specifically dark animated short films and music videos for Bolexbrother and Collision Films) she also produced Radiohead’s award-winning “There, There” video.                    

  • Artists On Our Radar: Hakim Callwood

    Illustrator / Designer: Hakim Callwood ( Instagram )   Hakim Callwood is a 24 year old freelance illustrator/designer from Columbus, Ohio. His work ranges from painting, animation, and teaching. His influences stem from Japanese animation, video games, and comic art. His long term goal is to create educational hands on visual art workspaces. You can view more of his work on his website and donate to his Patreon account here.   Black Panther   Untitled   Flowers   Pomegranate   Space Woman   Spaceboy  

  • Illustrations by Kat Kon

    Artist: Kat Kon Kat Kon is an illustrator originally from Greece and currently based in London. Her greatest inspiration comes from pop and outsider culture. Kon uses mostly fine line marker pens but her work is generally recognized for looking digital because of her precision with bold colors and lines. She recently collaborated with The Bettys (a New York female art collective) as well as designed album artwork for the band Skating Polly. Three of her illustrations inspired by the TV shows Girls and Transparent were shown at the Critics’ Choice Awards in California.   Illustration of Kelli Mayo from the band Skating Polly 2015   Illustration of Vassia Roxy 2012…

  • Introducing Illustrator and Photographer Acua Minou

    Acua Minou enjoys taking snapshots of things she sees in her every day life, as well as exploring the beauty of femininity and portraying unconventional aesthetics in her illustrations. You can view more of her photography and illustrations on Tumblr.                          

  • I’m Just A Kid

    Corri Spencer is a 19 year-old illustrator, recording artist, web designer, app developer, writer and recent screenwriter. Having made more than half of his art with free or stock software, he aims to show people that they don’t need a lot of money to make quality digital art, but rather to just get creative with what you have. He also wishes to tell kids to simply be their true authentic and original selves.   You can find out more about Corrie Spencer on his website and his Twitter.