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New Video: Calliope Musicals - "Color/Sweat"

New Video: Calliope Musicals – “Color/Sweat”

As with the 2019 album in which this is the title track from, we witness here yet another moment where Calliope Musicals prove to us they have an acute grasp on their collective output; stunning us by their growth and intriguing us along with their familiarity. Truly the band, their music, and this Jerry Sparkman...
Red Desert Nomad

Red Desert Nomad

Photographer: Who Shot The Photographer Model: Ashleigh Wilson MUA: Makeup By Toya B Hair Stylist: Styled by Mia Stylist and Fashion: Miss Rose Fashion Assistants: Scott Gilbert and Dimitri Yianoulakis     Red Desert Nomad was born from the arid landscape surrounding Canberra, Australia, and my love of nomadic style and deep colours. Working with...
Music Video Premiere: River Jones' "Radio Waves"

Music Video Premiere: River Jones’ “Radio Waves”

  Austin, Texas’ very own River Jones has a knack of pleasantly surprising us every now and then with his incredibly unique and personal solo project after periods of pensively working hard at his craft. Contrary to his previous work we’ve featured, Jones’ music video for “Radio Waves” is a more spirited and optimistic track,...


Photographer: Kat Alyst Models: Lauren Patino and Zander Kagle of Holiday Mountain Hair: Rafael Virguez                  
If I Wasn't Black I Wouldn't Be Writing This

If I Wasn’t Black I Wouldn’t Be Writing This

  At certain points throughout the day, I find myself looking at all these beautifully unique, intricate masterpieces. All of them look different from one another, but belong to one another in this way I can’t help but to announce to myself. Everyone is white, here… Mostly pale white. I’m this deep red brown from...
Suits Gone Wild: The Tie-Dye Trend In Menswear

Suits Gone Wild: The Tie-Dye Trend In Menswear

With the multiple fashion weeks we’ve seen this year, a common trend has become quite prevalent: tie-dyed menswear. Tie-dye is nothing new, as we can see in the old photo albums that our parents have kept from the 60’s, but it has definitely made a strong comeback in the fashion world this year. Throughout the...

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