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Mixtape Monday - "Aunt Mable's Mixtape" by Nicholas Fong

Mixtape Monday – “Aunt Mable’s Mixtape” by Nicholas Fong

My Aunt Mable died when I was still pretty young, but her personality was big enough to leave an impact that will last a lifetime. She was a short, white haired, Cajun woman with alot of spunk. Most children in the family learned to curse from her, resulting in a mouth full of soap. Often...
Album Review: Andrew Cashen - Guava Jazz

Album Review: Andrew Cashen – Guava Jazz

This album is about as jazzy as Morrisey's personality is tolerable but on the scale of listenable it leans decidedly more towards "highly" than it does "Jethro Tull." We recommend putting it on repeat while going toes up in some sunshine for a few hours, it was meant for being stuck at home looking for...
Album Review: Schwein - Easy Does It

Album Review: Schwein – Easy Does It

....a John Cale broken boldness sort of journey from open to close all swept over with a thousand hushed mystic ohms weaving the ride along. To break down the album track by track would be an injustice to its cohesive nature. Each song shakes hands with the next, peaks and valleys reflecting the same orgiastic...
Halloween Visuals Mixtape 2019

Halloween Visuals Mixtape 2019

Anon Magazine 2019 Halloween Visuals Mixtape Looking for something to throw up on a screen while kicking it with friends while tossing candy to snot nose punks? Anon has got you covered. “Life has been frustratingly short on available time to do much in the way of creative outputs as of late so for the...


The definitive unarguably best bands you would be an idiot to miss at SXSW 2019.
Album Review: Drunk Mums - Urban Cowboy

Album Review: Drunk Mums – Urban Cowboy

Drunk Mums are one of the last vestiges of wild expressive cool left in the world. Quite possibly one of the last for all of existence!
Willy Vanilla - "American Neck"

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck”

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck” By Jay Armstrong Willy Vanilla’s American Neck is lighthearted as hell. If only talent were allowed to speak in a space devoid of ego-maniacal ambitions more often. Every song has its own spine, its own strut. These guys aren’t trying to force an angle or end result. They don’t fall...

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