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An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit's "The Power"

An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit’s “The Power”

Photography by David Brendan Hall   Amidst the saturation of bands and fledgling acts cropping up in Austin, Texas, it’s not often that a group seizes the spotlight and successfully continues to hone in on a committed and growing audience. Initially formed as a solo project, vocalist Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Glad Girls) started...
Music Video Premiere: Zachman's "Your World Cuts Into Mine"

Music Video Premiere: Zachman’s “Your World Cuts Into Mine”

Photo by Roger Ho   With a meticulous eye for creativity, Austin’s psychedelic/rock band Zachman has forged a musical project both personal and accessible. Already garnering attention from the likes of BrooklynVegan, Ovrld and Do512, Zachman is composed of a written and aural storyline by Johnny Zachman entitled I Was Getting On a Plane. With...
Divine Dreamscapes: Pale Dīan

Divine Dreamscapes: Pale Dīan

  Harnessing the surrealism of David Lynch and the soprano of Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, Pale Dīan certainly evokes a transcendental experience when it comes to their aesthetic and live performance. Initially forming in Dallas, Texas, guitarist Derek Kutzer and vocalist Ruth Smith established new ground in Austin this past summer, as well as a...
Foxhunt's Strange Creatures Album Review

Foxhunt’s Strange Creatures Album Review

  Originating in Austin, Texas, Foxhunt emerges onto the music scene with a mixture of modern folk, dreamy electronics and teeming tones of alternative rock. Beginning their career as a group, Joseph Kosier, Stephen Marshall, Nadyia Marshall and Wesley Goins have yet to release their studio album, Strange Creatures, and is met with as much...

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